Nathan Summers, aka Cable, is destined for a cybernetic redesign in every universe he exists in.
Despite the tragic backstory, Cable’s techno-organic infection is crucial to his identity and powers.
Earth-80777’s Nathan Summers avoids the virus fate for most of his life, but it always comes back eventually.

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Weapon X-Men #2When it comes to iconic X-Men designs, the time-traveling Cable, son of Cyclops, is one of the first to spring to mind. While his techno-organic arm is the result of tragedy, Marvel Comics’ ultimate soldier wouldn’t be the man he is without it. And in every universe, it seems that Nathan Summers is destined for a cybernetic redesign.

Weapon X-Men #2 by Christos Gage, Yildray Çinar, Nolan Woodward, and VC’s Clayton Cowles finds the titular team of Wolverines brought to Earth-80777 by the Phoenix in their ongoing search for Onslaught. There, they meet a fully organic Nathaniel Summers unaltered by the devastating techno-organic strain that inhibits his considerable abilities.

Unfortunately, this proto-Cable is soon possessed by the Onslaught entity, resulting in the loss of his arms at the hands of a Wolverine. And with his teammate, Warlock, infecting him with a new techno-organic arm to save his life, this Nathan takes a step towards mirroring his Earth-616 counterpart.


Cyclops’ Son Is Marvel’s Most Powerful Mutant (And It’s Not Close)

Nate Grey aka X-Man, was created by Mister Sinister in the Age of Apocalypse reality to be the ultimate mutant, and his powers make him a living god.

The Techno-Organic Virus Is Too Important To Cable

Nathan’s Experience With The Virus Is Multiversal

In the mainstream Marvel timeline, Nathan Summers is infected by the techno-organic virus as a baby, forcing Cyclops and Jean Grey to send him to the future where treatments for the debilitating disease are more accessible. This sets baby Nathan on the path to becoming the fan-favorite mutant freedom fighter, Cable, as he uses his considerable psionic abilities to block the virus from consuming him. Ultimately, this infection resulted in one of the most iconic designs in X-Men history, but this brief visit to Earth-80777 isn’t the first time that fans have seen Cyclops’ son dodge his techno-organic destiny.

Despite the tragic backstory behind it, Cable’s techno-organic infection is a part of who he is – a fan-favorite X-Man with one of their most iconic designs of all time.

Alternate versions of Nate, like the Age of Apocalypse’s own Nate Grey aka X-Man, have also demonstrated the Summers scion’s potential had he led a life without the virus. And when Earth-616’s Cable has managed to free himself of the virus in the past, it’s had various effects – either allowing him to reach his own godlike potential, or leaving parts of his body atrophied without the organic machinery that grew around it. Either way, it always comes back, and while Earth-80777’s Nathan has spent most of his life uninfected, it’s clear that this virus is the ultimate fate of every Cable.

Cable Turned Tragedy To Triumph

The X-Man’s Destiny Is Too Iconic

Despite the tragic backstory behind it, Cable’s techno-organic infection is a part of who he isa fan-favorite X-Men hero with one of their most iconic designs of all time. After all, without the virus warping his body and his powers, the time-traveling mutant soldier beloved by X-Men fans would have never even existed. And although he’s spent most of his life fighting it, Cyclops’ son was always meant to accept his cybernetic fate – because it’s clearly coming for Cable in every reality.

Weapon X-Men #2

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Weapon X-Men #2 (2024)

Writer: Christos Gage Artist: Yildiray Çınar Colorist: Nolan Woodard Letterer: Clayton Cowles Cover Artist: Dike Ruan & Neeraj Menon

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