X-Men #1 features Cyclops leading a mutant revolution after the loss of Krakoa.
Marvel has released a first look at the cover for the forthcoming X-Men series set in the From The Ashes era.
The new X-Men lineup includes Beast, Juggernaut, Magneto, and more.

One of the flagship X-Men titles of Marvel’s post-Krakoa era will see stalwart team leader Cyclops at the head of a mutant revolution. After losing their island paradise, the world’s mutants are once again fighting for survival. However, Scott Summers will not allow them to be victims of mankind’s fear and hatred.

Marvel has released a first look at the cover for the upcoming X-Men #1. Written by Jed MacKay and drawn by Ryan Stegman, the series is one of several titles announced as part of the upcoming From The Ashes era. This new period in the X-Men’s history will see them picking up the pieces after Krakoa’s ultimate defeat in Fall of X. Check out Stegman’s cover below.

Joining Cyclops in his new mission is an all-star team of mutant heroes. The new X-Men lineup led by Cyclops includes Beast, Juggernaut, Magneto, Psylocke, Magik, Kid Omega and Temper. The first issue will go on sale this July.

The franchise-redefining Krakoa era of the X-Men launched in 2019 with House of X and Powers of X. The two miniseries were both written by Jonathan Hickman and drawn by Pepe Larraz and R.B. Silva, respectively. After the mutants of the world gathered together on the island of Krakoa as the world’s most powerful new nation, the anti-mutant organization Orchis has been plotting their demise. A massacre at last summer’s Hellfire Gala kicked off the ongoing Fall of X, which has seen Marvel’s mutants divided, imprisoned and killed. With their backs against the wall, the X-Men are fighting for the survival of their species. It’s yet to be revealed how the Fall of X will conclude this chapter, but the post-Krakoa era will see multiple X-Men teams sprouting up around the country, including Cyclops’ own squad.

According to Marvel’s announcement, the forthcoming X-Men series will see Cyclops gathering his most trusted soldiers to fight alongside the next generation of mutant heroes. Together, they will be battling threats to mutantkind, including “an existential new enemy that rises out of the remains of Orchis.” It’s clear that Cyclops’ X-Men are done playing nice with mankind, as they set up shop in a new base in Alaska and prepare to take on anyone who would endanger their species. “Prepare for a reckoning as this team handles explosive mutant-specific issues without restraint,” Marvel’s announcement says. “Humanity can hate them all they want, as long as they fear them!

The X-Men Have A New Home As They Prepare For A Reckoning

With Cyclops as the new team leader in MacKay and Stegman’s X-Men series, the rest of the team is a who’s who of mutant powerhouses. After the recent death of the original Beast, a new clone version of Henry McCoy joins forces with his old friend Scott Summers. Marvel teases that the new series could see Beast as the team’s builder, preparing new tech and weapons for the X-Men. The recently-resurrected Magneto is a natural fit for the mutants pushing back against humans who would do them harm. Previously-released art for From The Ashes showed the Master of Magnetism floating in a chair, suggesting that he may be paralyzed like his old friend Professor X.

The X-Men’s new Alaskan base is a former Sentinel factory operated by Orchis. The factory was recently decimated in a raid by the Avengers.

While the Juggernaut might technically not be a mutant, his placement on the team is fitting. Cain Marko has made a long journey of redemption from his days as an unstoppable villain. He was even chosen as a member of the newest X-Men team that was elected right before Orchis kicked off its attack at the Hellfire Gala. Magik is another natural choice to fight alongside Cyclops. She served under Scott as one of the War Captains of Krakoa, and also joined up with Cyclops’ previous team of mutant revolutionaries. Kid Omega and Psylocke have been actively fighting against Orchis as part of X-Force and the Avengers Unity Squad, respectively. It makes sense that they would continue to get their hands dirty in the interest of protecting their fellow mutants.

Rounding out the team is Idie Okonkwo, the mutant currently known as Oya but who will be adopting the new moniker, Temper. A mutant with the ability to manipulate temperatures and generate both fire and ice, Idie was one of the first mutants born after M-Day nearly wiped out all the mutants on Earth. Like her teammates, she has also shown that she’s not afraid to do what it takes to protect mutants. During the events of Schism, Idie kills Hellfire Club henchmen on Cyclops’ orders, and she was recently sentenced to the Pit, Krakoa’s prison, for killing mercenaries who were attacking Krakoa. She escaped with the other inmates thanks to Sabretooth, and joined up with the new team of Exiles.

From The Ashes Is A Bold New Era For The X-Men

The adjectiveless X-Men series by MacKay and Stegman is one of three titles initially announced as part of the From The Ashes initiative. The Uncanny X-Men by Gail Simone and David Marquez will see a team of X-Men setting up shop in New Orleans, where they will operate as outlaw heroes. That team will include Rogue, Gambit, Nightcrawler, Jubilee and Wolverine (Logan). Exceptional X-Men by Eve L. Ewing and Carmen Carnero will focus on Kate Pryde, who moves to Chicago in an attempt to distance herself from mutantkind. However, she finds herself drawn back in when she needs to mentor a trio of young mutants alongside her frenemy, Emma Frost.

Marvel has continued to announce more titles that will encompass the post-Krakoa era of the X-Men. X-Force by Geoffrey Thorne and Marcus To will center on a new team of mutants conducting off-the-book missions that could save existence itself. Led by Forge, the powerful new X-Force team will also include Betsy Braddock, Rachel Summers, Surge, Sage and Tank. Jean Grey will star in her own solo Phoenix title by Stephanie Phillips and Alessandro Miracolo. Reunited with the Phoenix Force, Jean will be setting off on a cosmic adventure in response to a desperate S.O.S. in the depths of space. Finally, NYX by Jackson Lanzig, Collin Kelly and Francesco Mortarino will focus on a group of young mutants that includes Ms. Marvel, Wolverine (Laura Kinney), Sophie Cuckoo, Prodigy and Anole. The heroes will find themselves adjusting to their new post-Krakoa status quo, living in a harsh world that fears and hates them.

After a period of unprecedented unity on Krakoa, the world’s mutants are more divided than ever. From The Ashes will see them encountering threats from humans, celestial beings, and each other. But one thing is for certain: whatever comes their way, Cyclops and his new team of X-Men are not going down without a fight.


will be available July 10 from Marvel Comics.

Source: Marvel Comics

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