With multiple rumors that the MCU’s Civil War 2 event is coming our way, fans wish to unearth every detail about its potential development. Will Phase 5 or 6 feature another movie like Captain America: Civil War? Is the event going to be in Spider-Man 4? Here’s all you need to know.

Will there be a Civil War 2 movie?

Rumors suggest that one of the upcoming Phase 5 or 6 movies will be the MCU’s Civil War 2.

Quite a few fans have been inquisitive about the authenticity of the above poster. @marvels.wolverine designed and posted it on their Instagram. But it’s needless to say that the poster is fan-made and doesn’t come from an official Marvel source. It doesn’t signify any Civil War 2 event.

However, MCU insider Alex P. of Cosmic Circus stated that Captain America: Brave New World will be setting up a Civil War 2 scenario moving forward. The rumor needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

But Marvel’s upcoming schedule post-Captain America 4 includes movies such as Fantastic Four, Thunderbolts, Blade, Spider-Man 4, Thor 5, and Doctor Strange 3. So, it’ll be interesting to see which of the 6 movies could host the next hero vs. hero event.

Is Spider-Man 4 going to be Civil War 2?

After No Way Home’s multiversal crossover, one of the rumors calls Spider-Man 4 a street-level Civil War event.

Following Alex Perez’s scoop, another scooper account on X, ‘Cryptic HD QUALITY’ tweeted that Spider-Man 4 has been described as a street-level Civil War event with the likes of Daredevil and other New York-based characters showing up.

A rumored storyline for such an event suggests that after becoming the Mayor of New York in Daredevil: Born Again, Kingpin might pass a law that bans vigilantes in the city. So, Spider-Man 4 would see heroes like Peter Parker, Matt Murdock, and a few others being involved in a brawl over the new rule.

But considering that the rumor is unconfirmed and seems similar to Sokovia Accords, it’s likely that Spider-Man 4 may not be Marvel’s next Civil War event. Instead, Alex Perez reported that it’ll happen in a new kind of World War Hulk movie set up by Brave New World.

Will Civil War 2 be released before Avengers 5?

Civil War 2 is not confirmed, but it is rumored to happen before Avengers 5.

As per Perez, World War Hulk will act as an Avengers 4.5. In it, multiple heroes will team up to take on a few Hulk-like characters. Following that, they’d assemble in Avengers 5. While the idea sounds stunning, Marvel would need to push Avengers 5 to 2027 for this project to come true.

So, it’s safe to say that another Civil War 2/World War Hulk isn’t confirmed to happen at the moment. We need to wait for an official announcement in 2024 to see which upcoming movie will be Civil War 2.

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