Chris Pine has no plans to join the DC Universe or the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In a recent interview, Pine gave a straightforward response when asked if he would consider returning to the superhero genre – “No.” It seems unlikely that we will see Pine in any future DC or Marvel films, as he seems content with his current projects.

Chris Pine opens up on whether or not he would want to be in the DC Universeor the Marvel Cinematic Universe in his acting future. One of the biggest successes in the the DCEU timeline was the first Wonder Woman film, which focused on the iconic heroine’s origin story. A crucial player in that franchise was Pine, who played Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman’s love interest, and died in the first installment only to return in Wonder Woman 1984 before they wrapped up his story for good.

Sadly for those who hope that Pine will join the DC Universe or even appear in any upcoming MCU movies, the Hollywood star isn’t planning on that anytime soon. During a recent interview with ComicBook, the Wonder Woman and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse actor gave a short and sweet response regarding whether he would ever want to return to the genre, as he said the following:


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Even though James Gunn’s DC Universe is coming up, it appeared for a while that the Wonder Woman 3 movie was actually going to happen. Gadot stated in an interview earlier this year that she was having conversations with Gunn and his DC Studios co-CEO Peter Safran about developing Wonder Woman 3, supposedly as part of the new DC Universe. However, it was later clarified in reports that DC Studios were not looking at making Wonder Woman 3 at all.

The bigger mystery is whether or not Patty Jenkins would have found a way to bring Pine’s character back for Wonder Woman 3. If that had been the case, it would not only be repetitive, but it would only remove the emotional stakes of Steve’s ending in Wonder Woman 1984. Diana having to deal with Steve’s sacrifice for a third time would also be unnecessary character torture, especially if Wonder Woman 3 was supposed to take place in the present time, several decades after her history with him.

After the confusing situation with Wonder Woman 3, Gadot is not set to return to the DC Universe at all as Diana Prince.

It is understandable why Pine may feel done with the superhero genre, as he likely wants to focus on other types of movie and TV roles. Although, it wouldn’t be shocking if Pine got cast some time in the future as a non-superhero character for a one-and-done DC or Marvel project, especially if it was in a small capacity that didn’t necessitate the same commitments as playing Steve Trevor did. For now, time will tell what Hollywood stars will end up joining the DC Universe and the MCU.

Source: ComicBook

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