As Captain Marvel begins a new era in Marvel Comics, she’s getting a supervillain nemesis who is the equal of her cosmic powers – as revealed in a first look at their inaugural knock-down, drag-out fight. Able to harness the energy of a star, there are few villains who can hold a candle to Carol Danvers – now, she’s finally met her match.

In a preview of Alyssa Wong and Jan Bazaldua’s Captain Marvel #1 shared by Looper, Captain Marvel faces off with Omen. The villain’s mystical powers include energy manipulation, and as they square off, Captain Marvel attacks with a beam of energy – only for the dust to clear and reveal an unruffled Omen, who smashes Carol into the ground.

Also included in the preview is Captain Marvel’s new sidekick Yuna Yang, who will seemingly exist in symbiosis with Captain Marvel, swapping places with her via the iconic Kree Nega-Bands.

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While Omen is a powerhouse threat, Captain Marvel does at least end the preview ready to strike back. However, there’s worse to come, since even Omen is only the thrall of the cosmic being known as the Unmade. She also seemingly possesses a link to the Negative Zone – the hostile realm where it seems that Yuna Yang and Carol Danvers will be exiled to when they switch places (assuming the bands function in the same way as for the original Captain Marvel and his host, Rick Jones.)

As they trade blows, the comic shows Omen’s corruptive magic leeching into Carol’s system, making it clear that the longer she fights her new nemesis, the greater the risk to her survival. At the same time, Carol will seemingly need to balance fighting for her own life with keeping her new sidekick safe – despite the fact that Yuna Yang is actually a petty thief, and about as far from Carol’s “Boss of Space” persona as it’s possible to get. Captain Marvel’s strength and blasts are strong enough to make Thanos flinch, but Omen’s powers are tailor-made to let her shrug them off, then pay them back in kind.

With a new costume, a new sidekick, and a new nemesis who can take her strongest blasts to the face, Captain Marvel #1 promises to reinvent Carol Danvers’ world – just in time for Omen and the Unmade to bring it tumbling down around her ears.

Captain Marvel #1 is coming from Marvel Comics October 25.

Source: Liam McGuire, Looper

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