The world has been waiting to hear any news on the Fantastic Four casting, and now it appears that it has happened. Industry insider Jeff Sneider cleared up some rumors and added huge surprises.

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We know that reports from industry insiders are not always accurate, so take these casting choices with a grain of salt. Despite them not being confirmed, Snieder has a good track record of finding out details about films that become true. Again, these have all not been verified by Marvel or Fantastic Four director Matt Shakman, but they do line up with the rumors we have also heard.

One of the first rumors was that Adam Driver was the lead choice to portray Reed Richards. We had reported this rumor, but more recently, the celebrated actor revealed that he turned down the role. He claimed not to have connected with the character, resulting in his refusal. He was also joined by Margot Robbie, who was heavily considered to be cast as Sue Storm. She had also apparently said no.

This led to the rumor that Vanessa Kirby of Mission Impossible fame was the next in line to portray Sue Storm. Though this started as a rumor, Kirby even stated she would be honored to join the MCU. That has happened, as Kirby is reportedly confirmed to have finalized a deal to be the leading lady of the Fantastic Four. She is also joined by some rather surprising names, based on Sneider’s report.

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Another huge rumor emerged that Matt Smith from Doctor Who and House of the Dragon would take over as Reed Richards. The above report has refuted that claim, along with many other outlets. That means that the Fantastic Four’s leading man has yet to be found. Everyone is likely hoping that John Krasinski is still called.

As stated above, Vanessa Kirby has reportedly landed the leading role of Sue Storm. Even more interesting is that additional rumors for the Fantastic Four indicate that Storm will be the team leader, and not Richards. This is an exciting take on the Marvel team, but the MCU is definitely not against taking chances with origins.

Jonny Storm was rumored to be going to Jack Quaid, who has made quite a name for himself starring on Amazon’s The Boys. Though he was rumored to be the firestarter, Quaid took to Twitter to announce that he wasn’t going to be in Fantastic Four. Jeff Sneider had initially heard someone with the initials JQ would be Jonny Storm.

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Though he got the wrong JQ, Sneider revealed who was genuinely going to be playing Sue’s brother. Stranger Things breakout star Joseph Quinn will be the man behind the flames.

This is where the casting gets a little crazy. Initially, it had been rumored that Paul Walter Hauser was a top choice to play Thing. Sneider has since debunked that, though he did indicate the role has been cast. Ebon Moss-Bachrach was also rumored to portray Thing but has since been revealed to be playing the Silver Surfer likely. Moss-Bachrach has gained massive notoriety from playing Richard, AKA Cousin, on the hit TV series, The Bear.

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We have already heard that Galactus would be the main villain of the Fantastic Four movie, which would also make sense as to why Moss-Bachrach has been cast as Silver Surfer. What is most interesting is that Sneider revealed the MCU would be aiming to make Galactus a Latino actor. There had been rumors that Antonio Banderas was in talks to play the world-eating god. Though he was rumored for the role, nothing had materialized past that. Some argued that Pedro Pascal should be considered for Galactus, and we certainly have no issues with that.

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This is a very diverse cast list that we hope is true. Seeing a Latino Galactus and Moss-Bachrach as Silver Surfer will be interesting. We will update everyone when official casting news comes out, but this could be the Fantastic Four cast for now.

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