Marvel and Hasbro unveiled a $199.99 super-sized Giant-Man figure as their next HasLab crowdfunding project, based on the original Avenger from Avengers #1. The Giant-Man figure stands at 24″ tall, four times the height of a standard Marvel Legends figure, and features 91 points of articulation and three different face plates. Within two hours of the panel, 4,000 buyers backed the project, which requires 10,000 backers for production to begin.

A truly giant Giant-Man figure is in development, unveiled today by Ryan Ting, Global Brand Development & Marketing for Hasbro’s Marvel Legends, at Destination D23 where Screen Rant was in attendance.

On day one of the weekend-long event full of Disney panels at Walt Disney World, Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski took to the stage to offer fans a deeper look into some surprising stories behind the Avengers over their 60 years of comic book stories. To conclude the panel with a surprise that honors Avengers #1 and its first roster of heroes, Marvel and Hasbro unveiled the next HasLab crowdfunding project, a $199.99 super-sized superhero figure based on original Avenger Giant-Man.

How Tall is the HasLab Giant-Man Figure?

Standard Marvel Legends figures are six inches in height, but this Giant-Man stands at four times that.

Standing at 24″ tall and shipping with at least three different face plates (more if stretch goals are hit!) this Hank Pym collectible features 91 points of articulation (including 29 per hand). Check out the digitally rendered official images below of the HasLab Marvel Legends Giant-Man for poses and close-ups of each part of the figure. Take note of how detailed the costume textures and faces are and how many points of articulation are on the hands!

Marvel Legends HasLab Giant-Man Image Gallery

Within two hours of the Marvel panel concluding, 4000 eager buyers already backed the project which requires a total of 10,000 for production on the Marvel Legend Giant-Man to begin. Given the growing popularity of HasLab projects recently, highlighted by the $500 Ghost starship (the largest Star Wars vehicle ever made by Hasbro) from Ahsoka and Star Wars Rebels which concluded just last week with 19,000 backers, unlocking all of its stretch goals, this would should be another winner.

Similar to the Ghost for Star Wars, the HasLab Giant-Man is the largest Marvel Legends figure ever. There are 44 days for the project to get backed.

Source: HasLab

 Hasbro surprises fans at Destination D23 by unveiling a 24″ Marvel Legends Giant-Man as the next HasLab crowdfunding campaign.  Read More