With 2023 coming to an end, the award season is here with the finest actors and people from Hollywood getting recognition for their work. Although Cillian Murphy is leading the ranks with his phenomenal performance in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, the competition is not going to be easy.


Competing alongside iconic actors, Murphy, and other stars were nominated for BAFTA’s Best Actor Award. The Peaky Blinders star will have to beat three other Marvel maestro actors to secure his spot in BAFTA!

Cillian Murphy in and as Oppenheimer

1) Bradley Cooper In Maestro

Bradley Cooper is known for his iconic role as Phil in The Hangover franchise and Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy. In 2023, the actor decided to drop a serious movie based on the life of Leonard Bernstein.

Bradley Cooper in Maestro (2023)

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Being a musical composer, the film takes a deep dive into the tumultuous relationship between Bernstein and his wife Felicia Montealegre. Bradley Cooper also found notorious fame when he allegedly dissed Cillian Murphy’s work in an interview! The actor is, however, nominated alongside Cillian Murphy for the Best Actor award and his role is a strong contender.

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2) Paul Giamatti’s The Holdovers

Paul Giamatti had a brief role in Andrew Garfield’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2. After the unfortunate death of Gwen Stacy in the movie, before the credits role, Andrew Garfield is shown fighting Paul Giamatti’s Rhino.

Paul Giamatti in The Holdovers

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Paul Giamatti starred in the 2023 movie titled The Holdovers. Being a comedy/drama film about a professor staying in college during the Christmas break with a student, the film received rave reviews and Giamatti received a BAFTA nomination for the Best Actor award competing alongside Cillian Murphy.

3) Barry Keoghan in Saltburn

Barry Keoghan was a part of the MCU in one of the worst movies of the franchise so far. Starring in the role of Druig in Eternals, the movie wasn’t so great but Keoghan indeed found fame. The actor portrayed the role of Oliver Quick in the 2023 movie Saltburn and his performance was simply eye-catching.

Barry Keoghan in Saltburn

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With a story that followed the differences between the rich and the poor with a thriller/comedy genre to it, Saltburn received rave reviews. But more so, Barry Keoghan found himself nominated for BAFTA’s Best Actor Award.

Well, it seems that Cillian Murphy has indeed a tough competition with these stars from the MCU. The Peaky Blinders actor has already started getting his awards and wins for Oppenheimer but now it’s time for the big leagues!

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 With Cillian Murphy in the race for BAFTA’s Best Actor Award, there are three other Marvel stars nominated who could make the competition tough!  Read More