Announced at New York Comic Con, the upcoming Avengers: Twilight will depict a world where Earth’s Mightiest Heroes disbanded for good, leaving the world around them to slide into tyranny – however, it seems an Iron Man relative is preparing to fight back.

With details provided at Marvel’s ‘Next Big Thing’ panel, fans now know Chip Zdarsky and Daniel Acuña’s Avengers: Twilight will follow an aging Captain America as he tries to “assemble Avengers in a world that doesn’t want them.” However, what threat could be so severe that the Avengers would need to return after all this time? The trailer from Marvel Entertainment has one possible answer: Tony Stark’s son.

In the teaser trailer, fans see different aspects of this near future – cyberpunk technology becoming the norm, armored SHIELD agents bullying the populace, and an army of Iron Men emerging from a spaceship-like future version of Stark Tower. Inside, a teenage inventor works on new Iron Man tech, seemingly mentored by a floating hologram of Tony Stark’s head.

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Tony Stark’s Legacy Continues in Avengers’ Dark Future

Fans know very little about Avengers: Twilight so far, but the trailer introduces a disaster either caused by or targeting Iron Man, who lays in the ruins of Stark Tower. The image of a futuristic, floating version of the building descending from the heavens suggests the person inside has a familial connection to Stark, while the inventor’s age suggests they may be a grandson or else a late-in-life child of Tony’s. The tattoo on their arm hints they’ve incorporated circuitry into their body – a classic Tony move – and the hologram suggests that Stark recognizes them as his successor, tutoring them via an AI likeness, just as Tony mentored Riri Williams to become the heroic Ironheart.

What Happened to Tony Stark in Avengers: Twilight?

It makes sense that Tony’s descendant would oppose SHIELD’s apparently authoritarian rule, especially if the disbanding of the Avengers was somehow connected to Iron Man, sullying his name. The Iron Men who emerge from the new Stark Tower appear to be an invasion force with terroristic intent, as the armored SHIELD agents are shown taking fire right after their introduction. An older Kamala Khan is also shown, hinting at where Captain America’s new Avengers team will begin – but will he be looking to recruit Tony’s newly introduced descendant, or going to war against him?

The New Iron Man Has an Army…. But Is He a Hero?

The trailer is a tantalizing glimpse at the upcoming project, which pairs fan-favorite writer Zdarsky (Daredevil, Batman) with all-time great artist Acuña (Uncanny Avengers, Eternals). This is a dream pairing for Avengers fans, with the mystery of Iron Man‘s apparent heir sure to stoke interest ahead of the series’ 2024 debut.

Avengers: Twilight #1 is coming from Marvel January 13.

Source: Marvel Entertainment

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