Arkane Studios, the developer behind Marvel’s Blade, has released new concept art of the upcoming comic book game for the Xbox Series X|S.

Sebastien Mitton, the co-creative director at Arkane Lyon, shared concept artwork of the Marvel Comics video game on social media platform X (formerly Twitter). “Your excitement following Marvel’s Blade reveal means the world to us,” Mitton said. “Here’s some exclusive eye candy from our Art heroes at Lyon!”


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The three pieces of concept art show Eric Brooks, the half-human/half-vampire known as Blade, surveying the heart of Paris for bloodsuckers. The first image has Blade observing his surroundings on top of a building, with dead vampires lying behind him. The second image has Blade attempting to sneak into a vampire nightclub, reminiscent of the opening scene from the 1998 live-action movie starring Wesley Snipes. The third and final concept art has Blade engaging in a fight on the Paris Metro in the background, while a train packed with vampires is shown in the foreground.

Although Marvel’s Blade was announced at The Game Awards this year, the release date is still unknown. Notably, the employees at Arkane Studios are using the concept art for Marvel’s Blade for recruitment at their game development studio. The vampire video game is being developed at Arkane Studios in Lyon, France, which is the same studio behind Dishonored and Deathloop.


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Arkane Studios is now owned by Xbox producer Microsoft. This means Marvel’s Blade will be released on the Xbox Series X|S. What’s not clear is if the Marvel video game will be an Xbox exclusive, similar to the PlayStation Spider-Man games by Insomniac. According to Sean Shoptaw, Disney’s head of gaming, the decision to make Marvel’s Blade an Xbox exclusive will be up to Bethesda.

Marvel’s Blade is currently in development. At the moment, there’s no confirmation if the game will be an Xbox exclusive or a multiplatform release.

Source: X

 A creative director at Arkane Studios shares new concept art of Marvel’s Blade, the upcoming comic book video game for the Xbox Series X|S.  Read More