When James McAvoy first portrayed Charles Xavier in X-Men: First Class, he avoided any callbacks to Patrick Stewart’s performance. McAvoy faced the challenge of showing the character growth of the telepathic mutant leader. He managed the challenge well and was warmly received among X-Men fans. When asked about reprising the character in the MCU, the Split actor didn’t reveal much, offering only some conditions.


James McAvoy in X-Men: First Class

McAvoy’s X-Men co-star Hugh Jackman is set to reprise his role in Deadpool 3, slated for release next year. Another X-Men star, Kelsey Grammer, who played Beast, has made an appearance in The Marvels.

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James McAvoy Addresses the Possibility of His MCU Appearance

James McAvoy in X-Men: Apocalypse

James McAvoy appears in the biblical comedy-drama The Book of Clarence and attended the U.S. premiere of the film on Thursday night. During the red carpet event, Entertainment Tonight posed a question regarding his Professor X role. He was asked if he would return to the role in the MCU since other X-Men stars like Hugh Jackman and Kelsey Grammer have already made their Marvel debut.

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McAvoy seemed evasive, starting his response with, “Anything I say will get me in trouble.” He went on to mention that Marvel has not contacted him yet. However, if offered the role, the Wanted actor only has the condition that the script should be good. He added that the film should really want him in it, hinting that he may not appear in a mere namesake cameo. James McAvoy shared with Entertainment Tonight:

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“Anything I say will get me in trouble on something like that. I’ve had no contact from them. If they want me to come back, they need to talk to me. Need to be a good script. They need to want me. All that stuff. When stuff like that happens or doesn’t happen, that’s the reality of it. I am not saying anything.”

One fan commented under the video that a similarly evasive response was seen from Andrew Garfield in the past when he was asked about his role in Spider-Man: No Way Home. McAvoy’s response has raised suspicion among fans, leading to speculation whether he might already be signed to appear in any of the upcoming Marvel movies.

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James McAvoy Had Previously Offered A Cryptic Answer To A Similar Question

James McAvoy in Dark Phoenix

James McAvoy reprised his Charles Xavier role three more times after X-Men: First Class. His last appearance, Dark Phoenix, was poorly received at the box office. In late 2022, rumors circulated online suggesting that McAvoy might appear in his X-Men role in the Multiverse Saga finale in Avengers: Secret Wars. McAvoy was asked the same in his interview with GQ Magazine.

When asked whether he had received a call from Marvel Studios Head Kevin Feige, The Chronicles of Narnia actor responded, “I’ve definitely not got the call. And if I did, I would definitely not be telling you.” It is noteworthy that while McAvoy has yet to make his Marvel appearance, Patrick Stewart’s version of Charles Xavier appeared in the film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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Fans hold out hope for McAvoy’s return in his role for the ultimate showdown alongside the Avengers. It might be awkward, considering McAvoy had criticized them in the past.

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 James McAvoy, who portrayed Charles Xavier in X-Men: First Class, has certain conditions if he were to reprise his character in the MCU…  Read More