The fan art depicts a romantic reunion between Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man and Emma Stone’s Spider-Gwen, which would have been a great moment for fans. While Spider-Man: No Way Home did not include Emma Stone’s return, there are still multiple ways for her to reappear in future Marvel movies, such as a live-action Spider-Verse or in the animated Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse. If The Amazing Spider-Man 3 happens, it could explain how Stone’s character returns, possibly through Sony’s original plans.

Spider-Man: No Way Home did not feature Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy, and a new touching fan art shows what could have been. Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s cast featured many returning actors from the past two Spider-Man movie franchises, including Andrew Garfield as his version of Peter Parker. However, the multiverse movie did not bring Stone’s Gwen back from the dead or through a variant to meet him in the film, leaving what could have been an emotional moment behind.

On Instagram, artist @ultraraw26 depicted a different kind of reunion for Garfield’s Peter and Stone’s Gwen.

In the fan art, Stone appears as Spider-Gwen and not her version of the character from the two The Amazing Spider-Man movies as she kisses Garfield’s Spider-Man. Nonetheless, the result is breathtaking. The dynamic between the two actors was the best among live-action Spider-Man movie couples, so a romantic reunion scene in the vein of the fan art would have been great. Sadly, despite being one of the best MCU movies, Spider-Man: No Way Home did not include Stone’s return.

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There Are 3 Key Ways For That To Happen

It has since been revealed that Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s early drafts included Gwen Stacy and other characters from both Garfield and Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man movies. While Stone did not appear in the movie as her version of Gwen or another take on the character through the multiverse, there are still plenty of ways for that to happen in future Marvel movies. Following Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s enormous success, the MCU could decide to do a full-on Spider-Verse in live-action, having the three live-action Spider-Men meet heroes like Miles Morales, Silk, and a Spider-Gwen played by Stone.

Another possible path for Garfield and Stone to reunite onscreen as Peter and Gwen is through the animated Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse. The second movie in the franchise introduced live-action elements, with Garfield’s Spider-Man having a brief but poignant role through archival footage. Garfield could record new scenes for the trilogy finale and meet a different version of Gwen from the wide Spider-Verse that is also played by Stone.

Lastly, Garfield’s excellent performance in Spider-Man: No Way Home has led to Marvel fans asking for the actor to get the chance to conclude his Spider-Man trilogy. The original plans for The Amazing Spider-Man 3 would have seen Stone return despite Gwen’s death, though she would have played a Gwen clone that was bonded with Carnage before presumably separating from the murderous alien. If The Amazing Spider-Man 3 ends up happening, then Carnage, the multiverse, another clone story, and more could explain how Stone’s missing Spider-Man: No Way Home return happens in the film.

Source: @ultraraw26/Instagram

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