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From Agent Colson to Darcy Lewis, there are many MCU creations who were later officially introduced into the comics. Madisynn, the party-girl who befriended Wong in She-Hulk: Attorney At Law just made her first appearance in a Marvel comic… but not where you think!

Rather than appearing in a Doctor Strange or She-Hulk comic, Madisynn’s cameo came in What If…? Venom #3. Written by Jeremy Holt, with art by Manuel Garcia, the comic explores an alternate timeline where the Venom symbiote bonded with other people besides Eddie Brock after separating from Peter Parker. In this issue, the symbiote bonds with Doctor Strange, after he confronts it Chinatown shop.

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Maddisyn’s cameo comes early in the issue, as Doctor Strange returns home to research the origins of the symbiote. To his annoyance, Wong is unavailable to help him in this task. This is because Wong is taking the night off to watch the season finale of The Bachelor with Madisynn.

(Image Source: Marvel Studios)

Played by writer/comedian Patty Guggenheim, Madisynn first appeared in the She-Hulk: Attorney At Law episode “Is This Not Real Magic?” The unfortunate Madisynn was left stranded in another dimension by an incompetent stage magician called Donny Blaze. She met Wong after making a deal with a demon to get back to Earth. This led to Wong hiring She-Hulk, hoping to establish a legal precedent to prevent failed wizards like Donny from tampering with real magic.

Despite Madisynn spoiling the ending of The Sopranos and nearly botching his case with her drunken testimony, Wong became friends with the young woman. The post-credit scene for the episode showed the two hanging-out, binging TV together. It was also revealed that Madisynn had given the sorcerer an affectionate nickname – Wongers.

Madisynn has yet to appear again in the MCU, though many fans wished she had shown up again in She-Hulk. Indeed, there was a brief movement for the two to get their own Disney Plus series. While that may not be likely now, the door has been opened for Madisynn to make more comic cameos.

What If…? Venom #3 is now available on-line and at comic shops everywhere.


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