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<p data-cy="Paragraph" data-experiment=" Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 editions ” class=”text-neutral-grey w-full mb-4 text-body-1 font-body dark:text-neutral-white”>Are you on a quest to uncover every suit Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has to offer, or perhaps you’re seeking that particular suit from your top movie? Here, we’ve detailed all the suits featured in Insomniac’s sequel.

The variety of suits in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is akin to a vibrant tapestry of Spidey’s storied past, encapsulating films, animations, and comics. Spider-Man has sported a plethora of unique suits over the years. Although Insomniac hasn’t included them all, you will find more than enough to satisfy your curiosity.

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Just because you’re taking on the likes of Venom, Kraven, the Lizard, and a whole host of other villains, doesn’t mean you can’t look great doing it. Especially if you could be sporting your favorite suit from your favorite film or comics run. For me personally, I always liked the suit from the Amazing Spider-Man 1. However, you’re favorites are bound to be included here too.

So, are you wondering how to unlock your favorite suit, or just want to see all the suits on display? Worry not. We have you covered. Here are all the suits in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and how to unlock them.

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In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, there are 71 suits in total. That equates to 35 for Peter Parker and 36 for Miles Morales. These span across movies and comics, as well as a couple of creations from Insomniac itself.

That’s a lot of suits, but it’s actually only the tip of the iceberg. For every suit in the game, (that isn’t story-specific or from a movie), there are three extra styles to go with it. This means there are hundreds of different suits, and a ton of choices to find the right Spider-Man for you, be you playing as Peter Parker or Miles Morales.

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Here are all of Peter Parker’s Spider-Man suits, how to get them, their cost, and if the suit comes with any extra styles.

Suit NameHow to getSuit CostDoes it have extra StylesAdvanced Suit 2.0DefaultN/AYesClassic SuitDefaultN/AYesScarlet III SuitDefaultN/AYesAdvanced SuitDefaultN/AYesKumo SuitLevel 630 Tech Parts1 City TokenNoHybrid Suit (Spider-Man: No Way Home suit)Level 830 Tech Parts1 City TokenNoAmazing Suit (Amazing Spider-Man 1 Suit)Level 930 Tech Parts1 City TokenNoAmazing Suit 2 (Amazing Spider-Man 2 suit)Level 1130 Tech Parts2 Rare Tech PartsYesSpider-Man 2099 Black SuitLevel 1440 Tech Parts2 City TokenYesScarlet Spider SuitLevel 1540 Tech Parts2 City TokenYesSuperior SuitLevel 1740 Tech Parts2 City TokenYesAnti-Ock Suit Level 2045 Tech Parts3 City TokenYesArachknight SuitLevel 2250 Tech Parts4 City TokenNoInto the Spider-Verse Noir SuitLevel 2350 Tech Parts4 City TokenNoHomemade Suit (Spider-Man Homecoming homemade)Level 2655 Tech Parts2 Rare Tech PartsYesSpider-Punk SuitLevel 2860 Tech Parts2 Rare Tech PartsYesSecret Wars Civil War SuitLevel 2960 Tech Parts2 Rare Tech PartsYesIron Spider ArmourLevel 3160 Tech Parts2 Rare Tech PartsNoWebbed Black Suit (Sam Raimi Spider-Man 3 black suit)Level 3265 Tech Parts2 Hero TokensNoWebbed Suit (Sam Raimi Spider-Man suit)Level 3575 Tech Parts5 City TokensNoUpgraded Classic Suit (Captain America: Civil War suit)Level 3880 Tech Parts2 Rare Tech PartsYesNew Blue SuitLevel 4185 Tech Parts2 Hero TokensNoUpgraded Suit (Spider-Man Far From Home suit)Level 4695 Tech Parts5 City TokensNoStealth Suit (Spider-Man: Far From Home stealth suit)Level 50100 Tech Parts2 Rare Tech PartsYesClassic Black SuitLevel 54110 Tech Parts3 Rare Tech PartsNoIron Spider Suit (Avengers: Infinity War suit)Level 58115 Tech Parts2 Rare Tech PartsNoNew Red and Blue Suit (Spider-Man: No Way Home upgraded suit) Level 60115 Tech Parts3 Rare Tech PartsNoBlack and Gold Suit (Spider-Man: No WayHome Electro suit)Level 60115 Tech Parts3 Rare Tech PartsNoSaving Lives SuitComplete all The Flame MissionsNoneYesLast Hunt SuitComplete all Hunter Bases activitiesNoneYesLife Story SuitComplete all EMF activitiesNoneYesBlack SuitComplete all Story MissionsNoneNoSymbiote SuitCompelte all Story MissionsNoneNoAnti-Venom SuitComplete the Set Things Right Story MissionNoneNo

Here are all the suits you can get with Miles Morales, how you unlock them, the resources you’ll need to get them, and if they have extra styles you can apply.

Suit NameHow to GetSuit CostDoes it have extra StylesUpgraded SuitDefaultN/AYesFamily Business SuitDefaultN/AYesClassic SuitDefaultN/AYesT.R.A.C.K SuitDefaultN/AYesBrooklyn 2099 SuitLevel 1035 Tech Parts2 City TokenYesSportswear SuitLevel 1235 Tech Parts2 City TokenYesLife Story SuitLevel 1335 Tech Parts2 Rare Tech PartsYesMiles Morales 2099 SuitLevel 1640 Tech Parts2 City TokensYesAdvance Tech SuitLevel 1845 Tech Parts3 City TokenYesShadow Spider SuitLevel 1945 Tech Parts3 City TokenYesMiles Morales 2020 SuitLevel 2145 Tech Parts2 Hero PointsYesPurple Reign SuitLevel 2450 Tech Parts4 City TokenYesBodega Cat SuitLevel 2755 Tech Parts2 Hero TokensYesForever SuitLevel 3060 Tech Parts2 Hero TokensNoHomemade SuitLevel 3355 Tech Parts2 Rare Tech PartsYesInto the Spider-Verse SuitLevel 3470 Tech PartsYesInto the Spider-Verse SB SuitLevel 3675 Tech Parts2 Rare Tech PartsYesThe End SuitLevel 3780 Tech Parts2 Hero TokensYes10th anniversary SuitLevel 3980 Tech Parts6 city TokensYesProgrammable Matter SuitLevel 4085 Tech Parts2 Rare Tech PartsYesS.T.R.I.K.E SuitLevel 4290 Tech Parts2 Rare Tech PartsYesAgent of S.H.I.E.L.D SuitLevel 4495 Tech Parts2 Hero TokensNoGreat Responsibility SuitLevel 48100 Tech Parts2 Hero TokensYesAcross the Spider-Verse SuitLevel 52105 Tech Parts7 City TokensYesCrimson Cowl SuitLevel 56110 Tech Parts3 Hero TokensYesBest There Is Suit (Wolverine Suit)Dark Ages SuitAbsolute Carnage SuitKing in Black SuitComplete all Symbiote Nest activities115 Tech Parts2 Rare Tech PartsYesBoricua SuitComplete all Brooklyn Visions activities115 Tech Parts3 Rare Tech PartsYesSmoke and Mirrors SuitComplete all Mysterium ActivitiesNoneYesMost Dangerous Game suitComplete all Hunter Bases activitiesNoneYesCity soundsComplete all Cultural Museum MissionsNoneYesEvolved SuitComplete the Finally Free MissionNoneYes

Here is a visual look at all of the Peter Park suits from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Insomniac GamesInsomniac Games

Here’s all the suits and styles you can get for Myles Morales in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

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Insomniac GamesInsomniac Games

That’s all the suits in Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Good luck out there finding just the right ones for your Miles and Peter.

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