The MCU’s upcoming Marvel Zombies series is set to feature a wide cast of characters, both living and undead. Spinning off from the Marvel Zombies-inspired episode of Marvel’s What If…?, this new series releasing in 2024 will return to the dark alternate reality where the world was overtaken by a deadly virus, one that turned several heroes into ravenous super-powered zombies. To that end, several characters will be making their Marvel Zombies debut in this new show, many of whom will already be infected.

As seen in “What If…Zombies?!” the virus originated in the Quantum Realm and rapidly spread after Hank Pym tried saving an infected Janet van Dyne. While the Avengers were first on the scene during the initial outbreak, they too were infected as the world turned into a frightening zombie apocalypse. Although there was a collection of survivors seeking to find a cure, they were all eaten or possibly infected, leaving only Scott Lang, Black Panther, and Spider-Man as the last living members by the episode’s end. As such, here are all the known zombies and survivors confirmed for the new Marvel Zombies spin-off (including those featured in What…If?).

All Zombies, Deceased, and Survivors in “Marvel’s What If…Zombies?!”

Janet Van Dyne’s Wasp (Zombie)
Hank Pym (Zombie)
Black Widow (Zombie)
Iron Man (Zombie)
Doctor Strange (Zombie)
Wong (Zombie)
Captain America (Zombie)
Falcon (Zombie)
Hawkeye (Zombie)
Scarlet Witch (Zombie)
Thanos (Zombie)
Bucky Barnes (Deceased)
Okoye (Deceased)
Sharon Carter (Deceased)
Kurt (Deceased)
Happy Hogan (Deceased)
The Incredible Hulk (Unknown)
Vision (Deceased)
Hope van Dyne (Deceased)
Black Panther (Survivor)
Scott Lang’s Ant-Man (Survivor)
Spider-Man (Survivor)

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16 Hawkeye (Zombie)

Having first appeared in the What If…? episode, Clint Barton’s Hawkeye is set to return in 2024’s Marvel Zombies as one of the infected. As seen in What If…?, Clint is still able to fire arrows as seen when he attacked and subsequently infected Happy Hogan. However, Zombie Hawkeye and many others were also summoned during the battle with Ultron as seen in the finale of What If…? where they were killed, implying that the events of the upcoming Marvel Zombies will be happening before this major conflict with the Guardians of the Multiverse.

15 Captain America (Zombie)

In “What If…Zombies?!”, an undead Steve Rogers was severed in half with his own shield thanks to Bucky Barnes. However, it seems as though Captain America’s undead top half will still have a presence in the new spin-off series. This was confirmed in the initial D23 announcement for Marvel Zombies where more characters were confirmed as well.

14 Abomination (Zombie)

It’s also been confirmed that Emil Blonsky’s Abomination will also be one of the infected in Marvel Zombies. Considering the unknown fate of Bruce Banner’s Hulk who ran straight into a horde of zombies to buy the other survivors time to escape, it’s possible that Banner could still be alive. If that’s indeed the case, the opportunity for a major rematch between Hulk and an undead Blonsky in Marvel Zombies is quite possible.

13 Ghost (Zombie)

There’s a lot of dark potential for an infected Ghost. Assuming she’ll still have her powers of intangibility in Marvel Zombies, Ghost will more than likely be an untouchable zombie. This could create some genuine challenges for the show’s remaining group of survivors.

12 Captain Marvel (Zombie)

Although she wasn’t featured in the What If…? episode, it’s been confirmed that Captain Marvel will debut in Marvel Zombies as one of the undead. This is extremely concerning considering her very high power levels.

11 Scarlet Witch (Zombie)

As if a zombified Captain Marvel wasn’t bad enough, Scarlet Witch is confirmed to make a return as one of the infected in Marvel Zombies. Although the Vision was able to cure Scott Lang and his decapitated head using the Mind Stone, Wanda’s chaos magic resisted his cure. As a result, Zombie Scarlet Witch will naturally be one of the new show’s biggest threats.

10 Okoye (Zombie)

Although she was a member of the survivors in What If…?, General Okoye was bitten by the episode’s end by Zombie Scarlet Witch. As such, it’s been confirmed that she’ll have a role in Marvel Zombies as one of the infected.

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9 Ikaris (Zombie)

Another newcomer for Marvel Zombies, Eternals’ Ikaris will debut as an infected zombie. Considering his unique physiology as an Eternal, Ikaris becoming one of the undead suggests that this virus from the Quantum Realm is far more dangerous and deadly than initially thought. This includes the What If…? episode and the final shot of Thanos wielding most of the Infinity Stones as a zombie. It seems no one is safe from the virus regardless of their species.

8 Yelena Belova (Survivor)

The aforementioned list of zombies is quite powerful and dangerous, but there will also be a strong cast of survivors in the upcoming Marvel Zombies show. This includes Black Widow’s sister Yelena Belova. Although Natasha Romanov was attacked by several zombies with an unknown fate in What If…?, it seems Yelena will continue fighting to save the world in her sister’s name as the White Widow.

7 Kate Bishop’s Hawkeye (Survivor)

Yelena will also be joined by Kate Bishop’s Hawkeye, re-teaming the heroes who had some incredibly entertaining chemistry in 2021’s Hawkeye series. Thanks to her impressive skills with a bow and arrow, Kate Bishop will undoubtedly be a strong asset to the team of survivors, especially if they end up crossing paths with the undead Clint Barton.

6 Agent Woo (Survivor)

The FBI’s Special Agent Jimmy Woo is also set to make an appearance in Marvel Zombies. Having been first featured in Ant-Man and the Wasp, Woo had a much bigger role as seen in WandaVision. Now, it looks as though Woo will be one of the lucky few to survive into this dark version of the MCU with its very own zombie apocalypse.

5 Red Guardian (Survivor)

Yelena’s adoptive father Red Guardian will also be featured in Marvel Zombies as one of the survivors. As such, this may be one of the only times in which Red Guardian could actually fight Captain America, rather than the tall tales he’s boasted many times in the main MCU. However, Red Guardian would admittedly only be facing half of Rogers following the shield incident in What If…?

4 Death Dealer (Survivor)

A gifted warrior and high-ranking member of the Ten Rings, Death Dealer’s inclusion in Marvel Zombies as one of the survivors should be rather interesting. Having trained Shang-Chi to be a master of martial arts, it should be very exciting to see Death Dealer being given a heightened role, even if it is in an alternate reality. After all, Death Dealer was a man of very few words who was also killed by the Dweller-in-Darkness at the end of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

3 Shang-Chi (Survivor)

As seen in the concept art for Marvel Zombies, it looks as though Shang-Chi may be positioned as a leader for the groups of survivors. It also seems as though he similarly inherited the powerful Ten Rings in this reality as he did in the main MCU. This should give the survivors a major power increase in the face of the undead zombie versions of Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, and Ikaris.

2 Katy (Survivor)

Shang-Chi’s friend Katy will also be one of the survivors in Marvel Zombies. Having been trained to use a bow and arrow in the mystical realm of Ta Lo, it would be very exciting to see Kate Bishop continue Katy’s training as the pair alternate shooting zombies in the head.

1 Kamala Khan (Survivor)

Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel has also been confirmed as one of the survivors in Marvel Zombies. This means that she’ll more than likely have to face her hero Captain Marvel as an infected zombie. While tragic, it should be incredibly entertaining within the context of the zombie genre when this upcoming MCU show releases in 2024.

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