Alaqua Cox wants to see more of Maya’s family and a revenge plot in
season 2.
She envisions a storyline where they use their ancestors’ powers and face the Green Goblin.
Cox’s dream scenario includes Echo crossing paths with the Avengers or even being in Daredevil.

Marvel Cinematic Universe star Alaqua Cox opens up on what she would love to see in Echo season 2. One of the biggest surprise hits for Marvel Studios and Disney+ this year was the Echo TV show, centering on Maya Lopez after the events of Hawkeye in 2021. After the Echo finale’s ending, it is unclear where Cox’s character will show up next, but Marvel Studios is clearly investing more into the new fan-favorite.

In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, Cox spoke about Echo and where she hopes Maya Lopez will go after the Disney+ drama. Cox was asked about what she would like to see happen in Echo season 2, if the show were to return, and she shared the following:

[I’d like more of] Maya’s family. I wouldn’t mind if they went to New York City and all got revenge on those people that have hurt them and also used the powers of their ancestors that they have. I think that’d be cool storyline. And the Green Goblin. That would be pretty cool. I think I’d like to face the Green Goblin.

Outside her own TV show, Cox also spoke about what other characters she would like Echo to meet in the wider MCU. She mentioned wanting to see Maya meet the Avengers, and also suggested a potential project she could return in. She said:

I would hope that she’s able to cross paths with other superheroes as well, for example, the Avengers. That would be a dream come true if she was able to meet any of the Avengers or even if she was in Daredevil [Born Again]. We just don’t know. I’d like to see any of those possibilities.


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Echo’s Ties To New York City Need To Be Revisited

With the positive critical reception of Echo, another season should be something Marvel Studios and Disney+ take into serious consideration. As Maya has now become a prominent Native American superhero in a major franchise like the MCU, having Echo season 2 would allow the show to explore more of her culture and background. In a landscape that still lacks representation of a lot of marginalized communities, Echo season 2 could ideally lead Marvel Studios to invest in more diverse characters.

There is also the notion of continuing her storyline related to New York, especially as she and Wilson Fisk, a.k.a. Kingpin, are far from done with each other. That’s why Cox’s suggestion of having Echo pop up on the Daredevil: Born Again TV show is a solid idea, especially as she and Matt Murdock already clashed in Echo season 1. As Echo is also now on a more heroic path, having her return to New York, and perhaps aid Daredevil in his battle against Kingpin, would be a way to integrate her more into the larger MCU storyline.

While Echo may have been a minor character in the world of Marvel Comics, it’s great to see the potential that is being realized with her in the MCU. Since Echo season 1 was only five episodes, there is absolutely more story to tell with her, both on and off her solo series. Hopefully, whether it is through Echo season 2 or other MCU projects, it won’t be long until the audience gets to see Maya back in the franchise.


season 1 is now streaming on Disney+.

Marvel’s Echo

Alaqua Cox returns as the anti-hero Maya Lopez in Marvel’s Echo, one of the street-level MCU’s Disney+ series that take place during the Multiverse Saga. After her confrontation with Clint Barton and Kate Bishop in Phase 4’s Hawkeye, the titular Echo returns to her hometown and reconnects with her Native American heritage.

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