Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Uncanny Avengers #2

As Marvel Comics’ Sentinel of Liberty, Captain America leads the Uncanny Avengers as one of the world’s greatest fighters, but even he has been humbled by the evil new Captain Krakoa. Already a dark mirror of the Star-Spangled Man, this false flag operative has been sewing terror across the globe on behalf of Orchis, helping to pit the world against mutantkind at large. And not only has he managed to rip off Steve Rogers in the process, but now he’s taking a page out of Wolverine’s handbook as well.

Uncanny Avengers #2 by Gerry Duggan, Javier Garr?n, Morry Hollowell, an VC’s Travis Lanham opens with the new Captain Krakoa standing triumphant over his injured American counterpart. Looking to finish the job, the mysterious malcontent uses the Krakoan technology in his armor to generate a blade from his forearm much like Wolverine’s signature claws. Fortunately, Captain Krakoa is stopped before he can turn Steve into a Cap-kabob, but this instance is yet another reminder of just how truly dangerous that Captain Krakoa armor really is.

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Krakoan Tech Is As Dangerous As Ever

This isn’t the first blade that fans have seen manifested from Krakoan plant tech. After all, this maneuver has become a staple for Domino in the pages of X-Force ever since she was given a gauntlet filled with presumably the same vegetated armaments as Captain Krakoa’s armor. It does, however, demonstrate just how outmatched Captain America is when it comes to facing his new evil opposite in a one-on-one confrontation. This confrontation goes a long way to re-establishing the capabilities of Krakoan tech – and the threat it can pose now that its country of origin has been defeated.

Captain Krakoa Can Do It All

Providing the user with flight, enhanced strength, and the growth and manipulation of Krakoan vegetation, the Captain Krakoa suit is one of the most powerful pieces of technology from a nation that was already on the cutting edge of organic tech. Now that it’s in the wrong hands, there’s no limit to the chaos it could foment even with the Uncanny Avengers standing in its way, as fans have already seen. And if the Unity Squad thought an evil Captain America counterpart was tough to handle, the last thing they need is to go up against is someone who can use plant life to steal Wolverine’s schtick.

Captain Krakoa may not be mimicking Wolverine full-time, but he’s still an incredible threat that needs to be handled with the utmost caution. He’s already managed to humiliate Captain America, and anyone who can square off against Steve Rogers and walk away unscathed is no laughing matter – with or without makeshift Wolverine claws. Regardless, the sooner Captain America and the Uncanny Avengers can take out Captain Krakoa, the better.

Uncanny Avengers #2 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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