Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is a bigger game than its two predecessors which is saying a lot. Still, it’s not an epic hundred-plus hour game like Persona 5. Dedicated players can easily beat the core experience in a weekend and tackle the additional content in about a week. That’s not a bad thing but it could leave some players wanting more.

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For those wishing to take on something similar after beating Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, these eight games are great choices. The recommendations follow a pattern from offering more superhero games to experiences with multiple protagonists to just open-world adventures with breathtaking traversal abilities. There is something here for everyone.

8 Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate was the first game in the series to offer dual protagonists. The game took place during the Industrial Revolution phase of England’s history. Siblings Jacob and Evie Frye were recruited into the Brotherhood to help stop the revolution from being spoiled by the Templars.

The dual protagonist angle would appeal to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 fans but so would the gadgets. For example, there was a grappling hook that helped the siblings get around rooftops faster.

7 Attack On Titan

This game is the closest anyone can get to a Spider-Man experience without actually playing any of the numerous adaptations. Attack on Titan was a 2016 game that mostly followed the first two seasons of the anime.

Players assumed the role mostly of Eren, the Survey Corps cadet who could also transform into a Titan in certain intervals. The speed players could reach using the series’ patented ODM Gear was incredible. Chopping down Titans was exhilarating and scary because they could take down players with the swipe of a hand.

6 Disney Infinity 2.0

Disney Infinity 2.0 was the sequel that introduced Marvel characters into the toys-to-life universe. There were mainline heroes like Captain America, Spider-Man, and Thor along with underdogs like Nova and Iron Fist. Venom was even playable, which fans of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 should adore.

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The PS Vita version of the game actually had a black symbiote suit replicant of Spider-Man which is probably quite rare now as are a lot of these toys. While the game overall was aimed at kids, it could still be a blast to play with a myriad of famous and obscure Marvel characters as an adult.

5 Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights gave players the choice to play as one of Batman’s four apprentices. There was Nightwing, Robin (the Tim Drake version), Batgirl, and Red Hood. Starting as one changed how the story played out as that character took the lead in conversations.

Once HQ was unlocked, players could swap characters and the nice thing was that players could level up all four characters simultaneously. Doing so would create a disjointed story, but the option was there. None of the characters in the game can match the speed of Peter or Miles in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, but traversal is still satisfying in Gotham Knights.

4 inFamous Second Son

inFamous Second Son is the last game in the series which launched a few months after the PS4 debuted. It starred a new protagonist, Delsin, who had a different set of powers than Cole from the first two games. Delsin could absorb powers from other gifted individuals.

Players began with the power of smoke which came with an abundance of fire. It was a good superhero game with a sprawling city full of side objectives. PlayStation fans probably already tackled this years ago, but it still deserves a place on the list.

3 Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4 Game

Just Cause 4 is the type of game that should appeal to fans of the angsty version of Peter Parker. While the protagonist of the game, Rico, is not evil, he also doesn’t care about those who get in his way. This series overall can best be described as open-world chaos simulators.

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Players can drive a gas-filled truck into another, jump out, grapple onto a tree to get away from the explosion, and then glide off into the sunset. It should be a refreshing change of pace from all the do-goodery in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

2 Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is the final obvious superhero plug on the list. It’s a Switch exclusive, but a lot of PlayStation fans probably have multiple consoles anyway. Players start with a small handful of Marvel heroes, but the roster expands quickly from the slash-happy Wolverine to the sophisticated monster hunter Elsa Bloodstone.

It’s a great game to play with three other friends in a multiplayer session like the good old days of couch co-op. It’s a short adventure but one that is infinitely replayable due to the large volume of characters.

1 Yakuza 0

Yakuza 0

Yakuza 0 was not the first game released in the series, but it is the first game chronologically. Players will go through most of the game as the mainstay, Kazuma, as he begins his life as a Yakuza enforcer in the 80s. The other character is his wild rival, Majima, who is a bit too sadistic and odd for words.

The cityscape is small compared to the giant areas in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, but that makes Yakuza 0 a more intimate experience. Players will need to beat, pummel, and smash everything and everyone with their fists or whatever else is lying around to get to the top of the Yakuza food pile.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was released on October 20, 2023, and is available on PS5.

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 These games are excellent for fans of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 looking for a similar action-packed gameplay experience.  Read More