In the world of Marvel, there are mutants and then there are MUTANTS. The ones who are considered “omega-level”. These are the ones who are so powerful that they can essentially win a battle with their eyes closed. In many cases, they must be outsmarted instead of outgunned.

This list contains six mutants who are too powerful for the MCU, two of whom the Fox universe depowered to such an extent that they were completely unremarkable. But we’ll look at their true powers and how they could never exist opposite the likes of your typical X-Men. It is important to note that if Marvel Studios is looking for their next big bad that could rival the power of Thanos without ever needing infinity stones, this list has a few to choose from.


Illyana Rasputin has a long history in Marvel Comics. Originally just the younger sister to Peter Rasputin, AKA Colossus, she was soon given a far greater role. While very young, she was kidnapped and taken to the Limbo dimension by the demon Belasco. While trapped there for ten years, she became an excellent sword-fighter and magic wielder.

On top of this, her mutant ability allows her to transport herself through both time and space, making her a formidable opponent. At one point, she absorbs the entire dimension of Limbo including the demons that inhabit it. Illyana’s soul sword and its accompanying armor mean that she is very close to invulnerable. Magik has already appeared in the film The New Mutants but the fact that her character was trapped without any way to escape the mental institution shows just how underpowered they had to make the character for her to fit in.

A Girl Out of Time

When Magik disappeared into the limbo dimension, she was only gone from our dimension for minutes. This means that, according to the X-Men, she was suddenly a teenage witch with an enormous set of superpowers. Illyana has proven over and over that her time in Limbo gave her powers beyond her normal mutant abilities. Therefore, we are left with an already powerful mutant who is also a nearly unconquerable sorceress. She is a hero to be feared and one who would wipe the floor with her enemies and even her fellow X-Men.

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Proteus is a frightening being. His actual name is Kevin MacTaggert, and he is the son of Charles Xavier‘s one-time partner, Moira MacTaggert. When she gave birth to Kevin, she knew there was something wrong with him, and she kept him locked away on Muir Island where she could study him in the hopes of helping him with his mutant abilities, which she saw as an affliction. Proteus is essentially living psionic energy.

He can inhabit people’s bodies, but they will begin to decay, and he can be dispersed but will inevitably reform. He’s nearly impossible to kill because he will almost always come back.

Turning the World Upside-Down

One of his main powers is reality distortion. This means that he can literally change the world around him. Everything from shapes to beings to gravity. When heroes attack, he is able to throw them off their game, no matter who they happen to be. Their only hope is to find a way around his senses and attempt to throw off his own perceptions.

If the heroes are able to get close to him, their only hope is that someone like Colossus or Wolverine is around, as Proteus’ form is susceptible to metal. The problem is that if placed in the MCU, this would most likely be fairly easy. In the same way, it was fairly easy to get rid of Ultron. The MCU has a habit of depowering the overpowered and giving them short arcs. Proteus could be a throwaway, but only if they play their MCU games with his character.


David Charles Haller is the son of Charles Xavier. Because of this, you’d expect him to have a mutant power similar to his dad. A telepath perhaps? In reality, David/Legion has hundreds of mutant powers. However, he also has Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) which means he has multiple personalities that can surface at any given time.

Each of these personalities has its own mutant ability. Consider the fact that at any given point he can fly, read minds, be super strong, turn enemies into gas, run at supersonic speeds, and even warp time and space.

Spinning the Wheel

The main reason he is so high on the list is that he is completely indefinable. There is no way of knowing who is being dealt with or fought against when Legion is at peak psychosis. The fact that those fighting him must play both a physical and mental game against him is both exhausting and frightening.

It should be noted that there was a Legion television series that did very little to explore the truly massive power the character wields. Instead, it decided to create a trippy, mind-bending show around a character with deep psychological issues. Good show, very different character.

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Two of the most well-known mutants are Magneto and Charles Xavier. The being known as Onslaught is the combination of all the hate, anger, and powers of the two. When Professor Xavier wiped Magneto’s mind after watching him rip the metal out of Wolverine’s body, he inadvertently triggered a part of his mind that grew to unimaginable strength on its own. This being, Onslaught, has immense power. Much like Proteus, he is psionic, but he is also extremely strong, strategically brilliant, and can often withstand physical attacks.

Ripping the Marvel Universe

When Onslaught appeared on the scene, it was a world-ending event. He was undefeatable and took down some of the biggest names in the universe. He has shown that he can manipulate machines, the mass of objects, and a variety of other horrifically huge feats. He has even shown that he has the power to create matter. He is far too powerful for the MCU, where he would likely kill our existing Avengers without a thought.


Darwin was done dirty by the Fox universe. As one of the first few mutants to die in X-Men: First Class, it was, to almost every comic book reader, a travesty. Darwin has one of the most amazing powers in the entire Marvel universe. He is able to evolve to protect himself in any situation. Underwater? He develops gills. Space? He has no need to breathe. However, it should be noted that this evolution is not voluntary. When fighting the Hulk, he unwittingly knew that he could not win, and so he evolved to teleport away from the fight.

You Can’t Kill an Immortal

Darwin is essentially unkillable. Should the universe end, he would evolve into something that could be a part of the unending nothingness. However, his powers could be considered a bit too defensive. Unlike in the film, Darwin has no need to struggle against an enemy. He’s simply built to last. Put his team up against a truly destructive foe, and he would be left, unharmed, in the rubble.

This would be less fun to watch and far more of a tragedy. His powers mean that his time in the MCU would be a complete waste of screen time. He’s not big on offense, he’s no need for defense, and his teams are simply left back at zero. Darwin is too powerful for his own good.

Franklin Richards

With the announcement of the upcoming Fantastic Four movie, we may see the appearance of Franklin Richards. Franklin is the son of Sue Storm (the invisible woman) and Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic). Neither of these two are mutants, but their son is one of the strongest in the Marvel Universe. Let’s start with the basics. He has extreme psionic powers like Proteus, can manipulate reality like Legion, can create and escape to other universes like Magik, and takes Darwin’s abilities to the extreme by essentially being immortal.

Don’t Anger the Child

Franklin is not always the nicest kid on the playground. His abilities mean that even as a young child, he was extremely dangerous. In the Earth X timeline, when the Sub-Mariner murdered Johnny Storm, Franklin freaked out and set Sub-Mariner permanently on fire. Also, when Galactus was killed, he grew to an immense size and took over the position of World-Eater to keep balance in the universe.

If Franklin Richards is introduced into the MCU, it will have to be with extreme caution. The Fantastic Four may end up fighting Galactus, but if Sue ever gets pregnant, it will inevitably lead to some big decisions for our heroes.

There are a number of different storylines from the comics that could be employed, but one of them involves taking Franklin, much like Magik, to the future and bringing him back as an overpowered adult with a grudge against his father. This could lead to some very interesting ideas down the line. But right now, the MCU is not ready for the kind of absolute carnage that a god-like child could bring.

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