These legendary animated Marvel movies will allow you to forget the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a moment.

Before all the flashy big-screen blockbusters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel made attempts in the animated movie scene. It would be totally unfair to compare any of these animated movies to Into the Spider-Verse, released in 2018, but they are still must-watch for any Marvel fan.

Planet Hulk (2010)

In Planet Hulk, the green smasher gets his own action-packed storyline. This movie came out years before Thor: Ragnarok borrowed bits of it for the big screen. In Planet Hulk, the Hulk gets sent to another planet ’cause he’s too dangerous to hang around Earth.

He’s forced to fight as a gladiator, and let’s just say it’s not all fun and games. It’s a wild ride, and it’s a must-watch adaptation of the iconic comic book story.

Ultimate Avengers: The Movie (2006)

This movie offers the OG Avengers team-up but in animated form: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Giant-Man and Wasp. They’re all here to kick some alien butt, specifically the Chitauri. It got big love from fans back in the day and was a big deal in the Marvel animation scene.

Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise Of The Panther (2006)

The sequel to Ultimate Avengers gets even cooler with Black Panther jumping into the action. The Avengers hit the road to Wakanda to help T’Challa fight off, yup, you guessed it, more Chitauri. This one introduces more heroes like Hawkeye, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch. It’s one of those animated movies that made Marvel fans really excited.

Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme (2007)

If you liked the live-action Doctor Strange, you have to see this one. Actually, there are many similarities between these two movies. In this forgotten animated gem, Dr. Stephen Strange goes from being a regular doc to the Sorcerer Supreme.

Hulk Vs. (2009)

This one’s basically a two-for-one deal. We’ve got Hulk going up against Wolverine in one story and Thor in the other. It’s not really big on the character development, but sometimes you just want to see some epic battles, right? And this movie delivers the action like a pro.

 These legendary animated Marvel movies will allow you to forget the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a moment.  Read More