WandaVision takes the crown in live-action TV series tournament, beating Batman.
The matchups were filled with upsets and surprises, showcasing fan favorites.
The tournament seeds were based on IMDB ratings and past show performance.

It’s the 15th annual CSBG DC/Marvel Tournament! This time around, you will be voting on which is your favorite LIVE ACTION (so no animated options) DC/Marvel TV series!

In the three years since I last did live action TV shows as a theme for the tournament, the amount of new DC/Marvel TV series released has been really impressive. Back then, I had to REALLY stretch to get 64 options by including TV movies and failed pilots. This time around, I have MORE than 64 choices (earlier, Secret Invasion and Inhumans lost in a play-in game to get to the 63rd and 64th spots on the tournament). I wonder how much harder it will be to do a tournament in four years’ time! Will there be, like, 100 DC and Marvel TV shows by then, or will they all have slowed down a bit, with the loss of the CWverse and Marvel cutting down on its Disney+ shows? I guess we’ll find out!

The selection committee is a mixture between IMDB’s user rating, and the past success (or failure) of a show in the last time I did this tournament. So, for instance, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow doing well back in 2019 means it has a higher seed this year. I’ve always mixed things up a bit with the newest shows on the list, those I played it by ear a bit.

You picked your favorite TV show from the following matchups! The winner is announced now!

Use this hashtag to find the posts on nuTwitter – #csbgdcmarvel24 I don’t love using nuTwitter for the polls, but unless you know of a free poll place that allows thousands of responses, then, well, we’re stuck with nuTwitter.

First, let’s do a recap of the tournament up until this point before we see who won!

We begin with the Hell’s Kitchen Region!

In the first round, Daredevil defeated DMZ 96% to 4%.

Sandman defeated The Secrets of Isis 89.5% to 11.5%.

Legion defeated Shazam 58% to 42%.

Arrow defeated Echo 76% to 24%

The Adventures of Superman defeated Superboy 85% to 15%

Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman upset iZombie 66% to 34%

The Defenders defeated Batwoman 75% to 25%

The Falcon and Winter Soldier edged out She-Hulk, Attorney at Law 50.9% to 49.1%

In the second round, Daredevil defeated Falcon and Winter Soldier 84% to 16%

Sandman defeated the Defenders 70% to 30%

Lois and Clark had its second straight upset, defeating Legion 53% to 47%

Arrow defeated The Adventures of Superman 70% to 30%

In the third round, Daredevil defeated Arrow 69% to 31%

Sandman ended Lois and Clark’s Cinderalla journey 60% to 40%

In the fourth round, Daredevil edged out Sandman 55% to 45% to win the region.

Westview Region

In the first round, WandaVision defeated Iron Fist 90% to 10%

The Flash (2014) defeated Cloak and Dagger 83% to 17%

Lucifer defeated Helstrom 85% to 15%

Jessica Joens defeated Krypton 80% to 20%

Supergirl defeated Pennyworth 82% to 18%

Hawkeye defeated The Human Target 87% to 13%

Doom Patrol defeated Agent Carter 52% to 48%

Stargirl defeated Swamp Thing 61% to 39%

In the second round, WandaVision defeated Stargirl 74% to 26%

The Flash (2014) defeated Doom Patrol 61% to 39%

Hawkeye upset Lucifer 74% to 26%

Jessica Jones defeated Supergirl 58.5% to 41.5%

In the third round, WandaVision defeated Jessica Jones 58% to 42%

Hawkeye upset The Flash 53% to 47%

In the fourth round, WandaVision defeated Hawkeye 62% to 38% to win the region.

Tulsa Region

In the first round, Watchmen defeated Birds of Prey 79% to 21%

Peacemaker defeated Bodies 91% to 9%

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow defeated Gotham Knights 88% to 12%

Superman and Lois defeated Runaways 70% to 30%

Wonder Woman defeated Swamp Thing (1990) 86% to 14%

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. defeated The Flash (1990) 64% to 34%

Moon Knight upset Constantine 62% to 38%

Ms. Marvel upset The Amazing Spider-man 62.5% to 37.5%

In the second round, Watchmen defeated Ms. Marvel 65% to 35%

Peacemaker defeated Moon Knight 62.5% to 37.5%

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. upset DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 52% to 48%

Wonder Woman upset Superman and Lois 55% to 45%

In the third round, Wonder Woman upset Watchmen 52% to 48%

Peacemaker defeated Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 53% to 47%

In the fourth round, Wonder Woman continued with her upsets by upsetting Peacemaker, 56% to 44% to win the region

New York Region

In the first round, The Punisher defeated Y the Last Man 80% to 20%

Loki defeated Powerless 89% to 11%

Batman (1966) defeated Naomi 94% to 6%

Gotham upset Preacher 57% to 43%

The Incredible Hulk defeated The Gifted 71% to 29%

The Titans upset Black Lighting 70% to 30%

Smallville defeated Sweet Tooth 77% to 23%

Luke Cage upset Blade the Series 88% to 12%

In the second round, The Punisher defeated Luke Cage 57% to 43%

Loki defeated Smallville 64% to 36%

Batman (1966) defeated Titans 69% to 31%

The Incredible Hulk defeated Gotham 66% to 34%

In the third round, The Punisher barely edged out The Incredible Hulk 50.2% to 49.8%

Batman upset Loki 53% to 47%

In the fourth round, Batman upset The Punisher 68% to 32% to win the region.

This led to the final four!

WandaVision edged out Daredevil 54% to 46%

Batman defeated Wonder Woman 59% to 41%.

So that led us to a #1 seed (WandaVision) against a #3 seed (Batman), and a nice Final Four with some mixture in it, two #1 seeds (Daredevil and WandaVision), a #3 seed (Batman) and a #5 seed (Wonder Woman). Much different than my Star Wars tournament over at Pop Culture References where the Final Four was FOUR #1 seeds!

The winner of the finals was…WandaVision over Batman (1966) by about 75% to 25%!

Congrats, WandaVision fans! WandaVision was a #1 seed against a #3, so it was definitely the favorite, but it is still impressive that it beat another #1 seed in Daredevil to GET to the finals! Congrats to Batman for doing some upsets of its own on the way to the runner-up for the tournament!

Thanks to everyone for voting, and I’ll see you again next March!

“}]] It’s the 15th annual CSBG DC/Marvel Tournament! This time around, you voted on your favorite live action DC/Marvel TV series. Who won?  Read More