Mortal Kombat, Super Mario Bros. and more are coming this season.

It has been such a fruitful year for video games that you couldn’t blame someone for wanting a light fall lineup to finish titles like Tears of the Kingdom and Baldur’s Gate 3. For better or worse, this season is stacked with AAA releases, long-awaited sequels and promising independent games. (Some games will be available before their official launch dates because of early-access programs.)


MORTAL KOMBAT 1 The fighting franchise that drew crowds at arcades in the early 1990s has conjured new gruesome fatalities for its second narrative reboot. A cast of familiar characters such as Scorpion, Kitana and Johnny Cage will be assisted in battle by partner fighters who leap onscreen. (Sept. 19; PC, Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox Series XS)


ASSASSIN’S CREED MIRAGE This stealth historical adventure series promises to return to its tightly wound form after Odyssey and Valhalla sprawled toward the 100-hour mark. In the 13th primary iteration of the franchise, players will sneak, slash and soar their way through ancient Baghdad. (Oct. 5; PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X