Giancarlo Esposito could be an unexpected but fitting choice to play Professor X in the MCU Phase 6 due to his ability to portray stoicism and his alignment with the franchise’s representation and diversity goals.
Alexander Skarsgård, known for his work in artistic projects, could play an excellent Doctor Doom in Phase 6’s Fantastic Four, displaying his nuanced acting abilities and Swedish accent that could suit the character.
Keanu Reeves, a Hollywood icon, would be a perfect fit for the role of the Beyonder in the MCU, bringing his required skills and experience from portraying powerful beings in The Matrix series and potentially appearing in Phase 6.

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe forges on into Phase 6 of its story, there are a number of wild castings that could actually come to fruition for the franchise. A sprawling live-action universe of interconnected Marvel Comics adaptations, the MCU has proved itself one of the biggest and most successful movie franchises in history. The movies of the MCU all seek to further the universe’s wider story, building up to major cinematic events in each new phase of its narrative. The MCU Phase 6 will conclude the franchise’s Multiverse Saga, introducing a handful of new heroes and villains to the screen in the process.

The popularity of the franchise sees many invested in exactly which actors may join its ranks in upcoming Marvel movies. Plenty of the most popular MCU fan-castings are well-known, with a select few receiving widespread backing from those invested in the franchise’s future. There are also some desired choices to bring key Marvel characters to life that are decidedly more unorthodox. Many such castings either seek to bring an unlikely personality into the MCU or make an interestingly large change to the fabric of the character in question. Here are 10 of those especially wild MCU castings that could come true in Phase 6.

10 Giancarlo Esposito As Professor X

Though Giancarlo Esposito is a name that has long been hypothetically connected to the role of Professor X in the MCU, his casting would still be something of an unexpected one. Though exactly where in the MCU’s movie timeline the X-Men will make their debut is as yet unknown, Esposito would be an excellent but unorthodox choice for the role. He possesses a fitting ability to project calculated stoicism that would be great for the MCU’s Charles Xavier, and he’d also fit with the MCU’s attempts to offer greater representation and diversity in its heroes.

9 Alexander Skarsgård As Doctor Doom

Alexander Skarsgård might be best known for appearing in more artistic fare, but he could potentially play a pivotal role in the MCU in Phase 6’s Fantastic Four and beyond. Doctor Doom is one of Marvel’s greatest and most complex villains, and Skarsgård would secretly be perfect for the role: he’s capable of nuanced performances and his Swedish accent could feasibly stand in for Doom’s Latverian. Already having proved himself in both action-based and dramatic roles, Skarsgård would be an unorthodox but perfect choice to play the MCU villain.

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8 Keanu Reeves As The Beyonder

As one of Hollywood’s most iconic stars, Keanu Reeves would be a perfect fit for the MCU – namely, in the role of the Beyonder. The incredibly powerful cosmic entity typically plays a role in the Secret Wars story, and Reeves has already proved he has all the required skills to bring the character to life, already having played a similarly powerful being in The Matrix and its sequels. There have been many versions of the Beyonder throughout his comic history, but Reeves is one of the names often associated with the role ​- and Phase 6 could see him actually appear in the MCU.

7 Justice Smith As Miles Morales

A character first teased in 2016’s Spider-Man: Homecoming could potentially make his MCU debut in Phase 6. Miles Morales is one of the most popular heroes not yet in the MCU, and actor Justice Smith would be an unexpected but perfect fit for the role. Despite often playing distinctly neurotic characters, Smith bears a resemblance to Morales and possesses a similarly athletic frame. He’s already proven he’s more than capable of carrying a lightly comedic tone through an otherwise serious narrative, meaning that he’s more than qualified to take on the role.

6 Jamie Dornan As Reed Richards

Though details on Marvel’s Fantastic Four are as yet sparse, one actor who could assume the role of the team’s leader is Jamie Dornan. Best known for his turn as Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey, Dornan may not be the most obvious choice to play Reed Richards in the MCU, but he’d certainly fit the bill. Not only does he ooze leading-man charisma, but Dornan is able to capture the perfect blend of seriousness and comedy that would make the character one of the MCU’s best heroes. It’s perhaps an unorthodox choice, but Dornan would be perfect for the MCU’s Phase 6.

5 Emma Stone As Sue Storm

Casting Sue Storm for the MCU has been a topic of much debate, with many names suggested for the role. However, one particularly unlikely casting would actually be perfect, as Emma Stone could become the MCU’s Invisible Woman. Stone’s largely comedic-leaning list of credits is deceptive, because she’s got the dramatic capabilities to bring the role to life in Phase 6’s Fantastic Four, and she already had superhero movie experience after her role as Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel.

4 Robert Downey Jr. As Superior Iron Man

Perhaps one of the wildest speculative castings for the MCU Phase 6 doesn’t involve a new actor at all, but rather the return of Robert Downey Jr. Superior Iron Man is a villainous variant of the hero, embodying all of Tony Stark’s darkest qualities and serving as a major comic book antagonist. The character could potentially appear in Avengers: Secret Wars late in Phase 6, with the MCU’s former leading man reprising his role with a villainous twist. It would certainly prove an unexpected development, and though it would risk undermining Iron Man’s heroic ending, it’s still a possibility for the MCU’s near future.

3 Henry Cavill As Captain Britain

One of the most often-discussed MCU fan castings is that of Henry Cavill as Captain Britain, and it could happen in Phase 6. Secret Wars will almost certainly see a wealth of Marvel heroes appear in an adaptation of the comic book arc of the same name, and Captain Britain could realistically be among them, whether as a variant or as the canonical introduction of the character. Cavill would be a wild choice simply because he’s one of the most persistently named actors fans want for the MCU, especially considering his past superhero movie success.

2 Gerard Butler As Galactus

Gerard Butler is perhaps best known for his role in Zack Snyder’s 300, but he could potentially appear in Phase 6 of the MCU. It has been speculated that Galactus could appear in Fantastic Four or perhaps one of Phase 6’s Avengers movies, maybe even as a post-credits tease for Phase 7’s next Avengers-level threat. Butler would be an interesting casting choice for the cosmic villain, as his distinctive booming voice, as well as his ability to command respect and communicate rage all make him an unorthodox but perfect casting for Galactus.

1 Jason Segel As The Thing

Though Jason Segel hardly seems like a perfect casting for an MCU hero, he’d be subtly perfect as the Thing. Ben Grimm’s transformation into the Thing is part of what would make Segel perfect: he’s tall enough to do motion capture work, and his deep voice would be fitting for the Fantastic Four’s stony hero. Despite being known primarily for his comedic roles, he could follow in the footsteps of other former sitcom stars to become one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s wildest castings for a movie superhero in Phase 6.

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