Greta Gerwig will direct the Chronicles of Narnia reboot for Netflix, bringing her blockbuster storytelling skills to the fantasy series. Robert Eggers’ upcoming Nosferatu remake has strong potential, combining his distinctive style with a talented cast. The Fantastic Four film, set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, holds great anticipation due to the MCU’s credibility with beloved superheroes.

Despite understandable concern, many upcoming remakes have shown promising signs that they’ll be worth seeing. Remakes and reboots can be a tough sell, as justified cynicism tends to be the response to their marketing. Recent reboots like The Lion King and The Little Mermaid had mixed critical receptions, while the success of movies like Barbie and Oppenheimer demonstrated a desire for original stories and high-quality filmmaking. However, the best movie and TV reboots prove the value of a story being told again from a fresh voice.

From monster movies like Nosferatu and Frankenstein to superhero films like Fantastic Four, many upcoming reboots have shown strong potential. Whether from news about their stories, the creative teams working on the film’s production, or the positive aspects of a modernized version of a particular movie, these remakes suggest they may not just be cheap cash grabs. To specify, long-awaited sequels like Gladiator 2 and Heat 2 don’t count as remakes.

10 The Chronicles of Narnia

Greta Gerwig will direct at least the first two films of Netflix’s Chronicles of Narnia reboot.

With three great films, Greta Gerwig has quickly become one of Hollywood’s most exciting young directors. Though a CGI-heavy fantasy project like The Chronicles of Narnia is a far cry from her previous work, Barbie has proven her capable of developing a blockbuster movie that can be entertaining and thoughtful, which C.S. Lewis’ novels deserve. While there may be some nostalgic affection for the first Chronicles of Narnia movies, there’s plenty of room for improvement, not to mention the completion of the series. Greta Gerwig has signed on to develop at least two of them.


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9 Nosferatu

Robert Eggers and a fantastic cast make Nosferatu a highly anticipated movie.

Another exciting new filmmaker, Robert Eggers, is well on his way with the upcoming Nosferatu remake. The vampire film is intended to premiere in 2024, meaning it will arrive 102 years after the first iteration in 1922. Werner Herzog also remade Nosferatu in a beautiful 1979 version. Robert Eggers’ distinct style of long shots and exploration of folklore makes him the perfect candidate for the gothic classic, and the film also boasts a stellar cast. Bill Skarsgård and Lily-Rose Depp headline, with Willem Dafoe, Nicholas Hoult, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

8 Wolf Man

Leigh Whannell and Christopher Abbott can make something special in the Wolf Man remake.

Despite the Dark Universe not panning out for Universal Pictures, the studio hasn’t backed down from trying to make the most of their classic monster titles. A remake of the 1941 movie, The Wolf Man is in development. Ryan Gosling had been attached to the project for years, but he was recently replaced by Christopher Abbott, who was recently praised for his supporting role in Poor Things. With The Invisible Man director Leigh Whannell set to helm Wolf Man, it’s an opportunity for Abbott to prove himself in a leading role.

7 Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four have seen miserable film adaptations, leaving Marvel Studios with high expectations.

The Fantastic Four are some of Marvel Comics’ most famous heroes, and there’s yet to be a film adaptation that does justice to the characters. The 2005 Fantastic Four movie and its sequel received a poor critical reception, and the 2015 follow-up was even worse. The upcoming version will be the first attempt at bringing the team into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Given the MCU’s credibility with bringing beloved heroes to life in ways that feel faithful to the comics, the Fantastic Four film could be massively exciting for the franchise’s future. Out of all the upcoming Marvel movies, Fantastic Four is one of the most anticipated.


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6 Blade

Mahershala Ali’s star power makes the Blade reboot a movie to look forward to.

Another entry to the MCU, the development of Blade, has been irregularly troubled for a Marvel Studios project. Of course, the late ’90s saw a different version of Blade on the big screen, with Wesley Snipes bringing the comic book character to life. While nowhere near as commercially successful as modern Marvel movies, the Blade saga influenced modern superhero movies. The most promising aspect of the reboot is its cast, with Mia Goth supporting two-time Oscar winner Mahershala Ali. Ali is an extraordinarily talented actor and one of Marvel’s best assets going into future phases.

5 Twisters

The disaster movie reboot has an all-star cast and a talented filmmaker.

1996’s Twister is one of the best disaster movies ever, and it’s being rebooted in 2024 with Twisters. The remake is loosely a sequel but with an almost entirely fresh cast, hoping to modernize the franchise. Directed by Minari filmmaker Lee Isaac Chung, the remake has promising leadership to complement its all-star cast, headlined by Daisy Edgar-Jones and Glen Powell. Anthony Ramos, Kiernan Shipka, and Superman actor David Corenswet will also star.

4 Frankenstein

Guillermo del Toro and a phenomenal cast will bring Frankenstein’s Monster back to life.

Another classic monster film with a planned modern remake, Frankenstein is one of the most promising upcoming movies. Guillermo del Toro, the Academy Award-winning filmmaker of The Shape of Water, is the perfect director for the project, given his experience with gothic horror, fairytale, and fantasy stories. The cast, which includes Oscar Isaac and Andrew Garfield as Dr. Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s Monster, along with Mia Goth and Christopher Waltz, looks extremely promising for a distinctive, fresh approach to the classic story.


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3 The Naked Gun

Seth MacFarlane and Liam Neeson are oddly perfect for the remake of The Naked Gun.

The Naked Gun films seem like some of the more challenging to reboot, as comedy is often fairly particular to its era and generation of audience. However, there’s undoubtedly a market for absurd comedy, given the popularity of shows like I Think You Should Leave. The reboot will star Liam Neeson in Leslie Nielsen’s role and Seth MacFarlane, another modern absurd comedy master, writing the script. In the last update, Neeson spoke about beginning shooting in Summer 2023, though progress was more than likely postponed due to the strikes.

2 Superman: Legacy

James Gunn is dedicated to bringing the best out of Superman in the new DC Universe.

Superman has been stuck in limbo since the last standalone film in 2013, as a mixed reception to Zack Snyder’s version in Batman vs Superman and Justice League led Warner Bros. to years of indecision about utilizing the character. The absence of Superman seemed to make audiences grow fonder of the character, however, and James Gunn rightfully planned Superman: Legacy as the first film of the rebooted DC Universe. The film is set to embrace the core values of Superman, much like Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman. Actor David Corenswet will star in the lead role.

1 Dracula

Academy Award-winner Chloé Zhao is perfect for a new Dracula iteration.

Like Superman, Count Dracula has seen several reboots with varying success over the years. The 1931 Dracula, starring Bela Lugosi, is still considered a classic, and the Christopher Lee versions offer a campy alternative. Francis Ford Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula is also a beautiful adaptation. An upcoming Dracula film, directed by Academy Award-winning director Chloé Zhao, is reportedly in the works, with her writing the script as recently as 2023. Zhao is the perfect filmmaker to give the character a fresh, visually stunning, and thoughtful iteration.

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