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Historically, superheroes are more likely to live a straight-edge life than practice responsible recreational drug use. There is some irony in this, given how many Marvel and DC heroes got their powers from experimental drugs. Still, there are a number of comic characters who have been hinted at smoking a bowl at the end of a long day of crime fighting.

This list will remain purely speculative. It will name only those heroes, based on personality or teases in the comics, who are implied to use drugs recreationally. Those characters who have been confirmed to use drugs (like John Constantine and Zatanna) will not be named. Nor will those heroes, like Tony Stark or Carol Danvers, who have a confirmed history of drug abuse. There will also be no “joke” superheroes, like Bluntman and Chronic, whose identities are built around drug use.

One might think that Wade Wilson smokes weed based on his excitable personality. However, there are two more logical reasons to think Deadpool is a friend of Mary Jane. (And we don’t mean Spidey’s ex-girlfriend!) First, as a cancer patient, it is likely Wade sought to test cannabis’ proven ability to stop cancer growth before joining the Weapon X program. Next, as a Canadian citizen, Deadpool has been able to legally enjoy marijuana since 2018.

The unwilling heir to his father’s superheroic legacy, Jack Knight started out as a reluctant hero. In time, however, the collectibles shop owner made his own way as the seventh Starman, and joined the ranks of DC’s superheroes. It might be stereotyping to presume Jack is a stoner purely because of his background as a Bohemian artist. On the other hand, he did say “Not since Saturday” when greeted with a “Hi, Jack” in Starman #43.

The most hot-tempered member of the Fantastic Four, Johnny Storm has a well-deserved reputation as a player and party animal. Johnny enjoys his celebrity status more than most superheroes and his constant parties drove former roommate Peter Parker crazy. Given that, and his habit of using his powers in party tricks, it would be surprising if the Human Torch didn’t light a joint or boil a bong on occasion.

The Last Son of Czarnia, Lobo is the most fearsome bounty hunter in the DC Universe. While numbered among the anti-heroes rather than superheroes, Lobo is famed for his code of honor. However, the Main Man is also known to live to excess when he is off the clock. Given his love of babes, booze, and a fine cigar, it is more than likely Lobo has smoked a joint or two as he’s roamed the cosmos.

After being bombarded with gamma radiation, Dr. Bruce Banner transformed into the Hulk whenever he became scared or angry. Various comics over the years have seen Dr. Banner testing various methods of taming the beast within, from yoga to rare medicines. While it is unlikely a simple joint could keep the Incredible Hulk from manifesting, given Banner’s altered physiology, it still seems like he would have tried it just in case.

One of the young superheroes making up Gen 13, Bobby “Burnout” Lane, used his pyrokinetic powers to help people in the Wildstorm Universe. Despite his codename and dreams of becoming a rock star, there was no indication that Bobby ever used marijuana. However, one flash-forward story teased that his codename would prove prophetic.

A former member of both the X-Men and the Avengers, Beast is one of the more versatile superheroes in the Marvel Universe. Beyond the physical gifts offered by his mutation, Dr. Henry McCoy is a multidisciplinary scientist with two doctorates. He is also, quite probably, a closet stoner. Hank canonically spent a lot of time trying to find himself, and, in his own words, “moved to San Francisco” and “read a lot of Carlos Castaneda”. While there is no confirmation Hank followed in the footsteps of the famed peyote enthusiast, he might have experimented with it. Purely in the interest of science, of course.

Before he was appointed the Torchbearer of the Green Lantern Corps, Kyle Rayner was a commercial artist. Again, it may be stereotyping to presume Kyle has experimented with marijuana as a college-educated artist. On the other hand, many of his ring projections did show signs of psychedelic influences. However, it also seems likely he curtailed the habit as he became more devoted to his duties as a Green Lantern.

Known as the Prince of Power, Marvel’s Hercules is heroic in all his endeavors. He is as fond of wine, sex, and song as he is a good fight. Indeed, he has a long history of debauchery and seeking out new pleasures along with new challenges. It seems highly unlikely Hercules would not have sampled all Demeter’s bounty at some point in the past.

The second boy to wear the Robin mantle, Jason Todd was a child of the streets. Statistically speaking, the odds are good Jason probably tried marijuana before he became Robin. As Red Hood, he was almost certainly joining Starfire and Roy Harper in their recreational usage in their New 52 series, Red Hood and the Outlaws.

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