Spider-Man’s classic black symbiote suit could potentially make an appearance in the MCU, especially with potential Secret Wars connections and a possible crossover with Venom. Spider-Man’s Future Foundation suit could be introduced in the MCU following The Fantastic Four’s debut. The MCU could explore different versions of Spider-Man suits like Miles Morales’, various armored suits, Superior Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider, and more in future films or crossovers.

After seven years and six appearances, there are still some of Spider-Man’s best costumes from the comics that have yet to make their way to the MCU. While he may have an impressive wardrobe on the page, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man selection is naturally more limited. However, exciting costumes continue to be featured with each new appearance across Spider-Man’s MCU timeline.

Thus far, the MCU’s Spider-Man has worn 8 different costumes. Beginning with his homemade costume seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man’s suit was later upgraded courtesy of Tony Stark, leading to impressive evolutions such as Infinity War’s Iron Spider suit, the Upgraded Spider-Suit as seen in Far From Home, the Integrated Suit Parker wears for the majority of No Way Home, as well as his more classic suit he’s currently wearing in No Way Home’s final sequence. However, here are ten spectacular Spider-Man suits from the comics that are still missing in the MCU.


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10 Symbiote Suit

Spider-Man’s classic black symbiote suit certainly has the most potential for a future MCU appearance. Thanks to Eddie Brock’s Venom and his brief appearance at the end of Spider-Man: No Way Home, a piece of the symbiote did get left behind in the MCU when Venom returned to Sony’s Spider-Man universe. Likewise, the symbiote’s first appearance occurred during Marvel Comics’ original Secret Wars event. As such, it would certainly be a great homage if Peter Parker was wearing the iconic all-black suit during the imminent Avengers crossover which could also set up a future crossover between Spider-Man and Venom himself.

9 Future Foundation

A predominantly white suit with black accents, Spider-Man’s Future Foundation suit is certainly one of his most striking costumes in Marvel Comics. As seen on the page, the Future Foundation was a scientific coalition formed by The Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards, and Spider-Man was invited to join. To that end, Spider-Man was given a new suit to match the colors of the new team, one that could perhaps be formed in the MCU’s future following The Fantastic Four’s upcoming debut in 2025.

8 Asgardian (Fear Itself)

As seen in the Marvel Comics’ crossover Fear Itself, multiple Avengers were given Asgardian upgrades in order to face Thor’s evil uncle Cul aka The Serpent. Thanks to Iron Man who was given access to Asgard’s forges, Spider-Man’s new suit was forged using uru, the same substance used to forge Thor’s hammer. Spider-Man’s new bladed gauntlets were also blessed by Odin himself. While unlikely, one could only hope that a potential Thor 5 could take inspiration from Fear Itself, including a selection of Asgardian-upgraded allies who could assist Thor (like Peter Parker).

7 Last Stand

Marvel Comics’ The Last Stand revealed a potential future in which Peter Parker has become darker and has murdered the likes of both Kraven the Hunter and Doctor Octopus, cementing himself more as an anti-hero who was eventually gunned down by the NYPD. The Last Stand’s Spider-Man included a new costume that was a reversible jacket along with a mask devoid of the signature webbing. Seeing how this potential future was shown to present-day Spider-Man by Madame Web as a warning against giving into darkness, perhaps something similar could happen in the MCU as well.


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6 Spider-Armor MK III

Although Spider-Man has had armor before in the MCU thanks to Iron Man, it’s possible that he could forge his own armored suit in the future. Just as he does in the comics, Spider-Man’s MK-III armor could serve as a strong source of inspiration, largely seen as one of his most iconic armor variants. Considering that it was originally built to help Spider-Man face the Sinister Six (which Sony is actively attempting to set up on-screen), there could certainly be a future in which the MCU’s Peter Parker similarly creates new armor for the same reason.

5 Spider-Armor MK IV

Spider-Man’s MK-IV armor is also impressive, albeit one that is more in line with his classic color-scheme and not as heavy. Existing in the comics as one of Peter Parker’s most advanced suits of all time, the MK-IV was absolutely loaded with high-tech features and upgrades, made from an impressive nanotech not unlike some of Iron Man’s final suits in the MCU. As such, it could certainly be an exciting way to show Peter Parker’s own impressive mind and continued evolution beyond his on-screen mentor.

4 Superior Spider-Man

A version of Spider-Man whose body was taken over by the mind of Doctor Octopus for an extended period of time, the Superior Spider-Man was another much darker version of the classic Webslinger, while still carrying Peter Parker’s inherent sense of responsibility. To that end, Otto Octavious created a Spider-Man suit that was all his own, and a live-action version would be quite impressive (including the extra red arms). Thanks to the multiverse, it would be quite impressive if the Superior Spider-Man came to the MCU from another universe, becoming a dynamic antagonist for Spider-Man to face in a future film.

3 Bombastic Bag-Man

Even when not wearing his traditional suit, Spider-Man still manages to save the day (even if he has to look completely ridiculous doing it). Having brought back the Venom symbiote from space during Secret Wars in the comics, The Fantastic Four agree to house and study the alien substance. In the meantime, the Human Torch gives Peter Parker one of his spare suits and a paper bag to cover his face, temporarily transforming Peter Parker into the Bombastic Bag-Man. To that end, it would be absolutely hilarious if the aftermath of the MCU’s Secret Wars sas Spider-Man needing a similar back-up look.


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2 Scarlet Spider

In the event that the MCU either has its own Spider-Verse crossover or a Clone Saga in the future, seeing the Scarlet Spider’s iconic red suit and blue hoodie in live-action would be quite exciting. Belonging to Peter Parker’s clone Ben Reilly, the Scarlet Spider is one of the most popular supporting Spider-Man characters on the page. Although Sony’s Across the Spider-Verse depicts Ben as more of a dramatized 90s caricature of himself, he’s ultimately a dynamic character who’s worthy of further exploration.

1 Miles Morales

There’s also no denying that seeing Miles Morales’ Spider-Man in the MCU would be quite exciting along with his iconic black-and-red suit. Although Sony is currently developing Beyond the Spider-Verse to conclude their animated trilogy starring the Spider-Man of Earth-1610, hopes are high for an eventual MCU debut for Miles Morales where he can finally swing alongside Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Perhaps the MCU’s Secret Wars will combine Sony’s universe with the MCU, just as the 2015 crossover in the comics merged Peter and Miles’ worlds in its aftermath.

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