Evan Peters’ portrayal of Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past was relatively short-lived but was a perfect casting, capturing the character’s charm and impatience.
Stellan Skarsg?rd’s casting as Erik Selvig in Thor was excellent, bringing a Nordic authenticity and portraying the character’s role as a scientist flawlessly.
Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones in the TV show of the same name was a truly excellent choice, perfectly capturing the character’s angst, anxiety, and strength.

Both inside and outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel has been responsible for some truly incredible on-screen castings that have been all but forgotten. The Marvel Universe is practically filled with characters, and with an increasing number of them being adapted to the screen, appropriate castings must be found. In a visual sense, casting these roles is often relatively straightforward: actors of a certain height, build, hair color, or other defining qualities are often considered first and foremost. However, something else makes a casting truly perfect, and it’s often difficult to define.

Though the casting of characters for the MCU is often praised, Marvel movies outside of the MCU have also regularly featured excellent casting decisions. Selecting the perfect actor for a role is a complicated matter, and often a perfect casting decision comes down to not just the way an actor looks but also how they capture the spirit of the character. Though Marvel movies often get this balance just right, some of the actors who were perfect for their roles end up being unappreciated or have their excellent casting forgotten about altogether. With that in mind, here are 10 perfect on-screen Marvel castings that are often forgotten about.

10 Evan Peters As Quicksilver (X-Men: Days Of Future Past)

The X-Men movies have seen many characters cast (and more than a few recast once or twice), but few castings are both as good and as overlooked as Evan Peters’. Peters plays Quicksilver in Fox’s X-Men movies, making his first appearance as Marvel’s most famous speedster in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Evan Peters brings a touch of arrogance and buckets of charm to the role, capturing Quicksilver’s often impatient and flighty nature with a note-perfect performance. Though he has briefly reprised the role in the MCU in a roundabout way, just how perfect his casting was is often forgotten.

9 Stellan Skarsg?rd As Erik Selvig (Thor)

Few actors in the world are as prolific and respected as Stellan Skarsg?rd, and his casting in Thor and its sequels was a perfect choice. The Swedish actor brings a little Nordic authenticity to proceedings, particularly as his character acts as something of a scholar on the mythological aspects of Thor’s background. However, the role of Erik Selvig is, first and foremost, a scientist, and this is also a role that suits Skarsg?rd perfectly. In every way, Stellan Skarsg?rd was an excellent choice for the role of Selvig, even if his perfect casting is often forgotten due to the MCU’s criminal underuse of the character.

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8 Krysten Ritter As Jessica Jones (Jessica Jones)

There have been a number of Marvel TV shows, and not all of them are confirmed to exist within the MCU. Jessica Jones is one such show, following the titular hero as she operates as a private detective in New York. Krysten Ritter’s casting in the title role is truly excellent, as not only does she look perfect as Jones, but she brilliantly captures her angst, anxiety, and incredible strength.

7 Michael Pe?a As Luis (Ant-Man)

Though he’s only a relatively small supporting character, Luis being so perfectly cast makes him one of the best aspects of Ant-Man. Michael Pe?a was an excellent choice to play Luis, as he delivers a fast-talking and friendly performance as Scott Lang’s lovable friend. Pe?a offers up much of the film’s levity, and the character of Luis is both written and performed so well that it’s impossible to imagine anyone but Pe?a in the role.

6 Martin Sheen As Uncle Ben (The Amazing Spider-Man)

Only two of the three major live-action Spider-Men have had an Uncle Ben. Of those two Uncle Bens, Martin Sheen’s version in The Amazing Spider-Man is often considered surplus to requirements after Cliff Robertson’s incredible performance in Sam Raimi’s earlier films. However, Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben is truly outstanding casting: he’s a huge-name actor with a staggering amount of Hollywood success, and he brings much of that talent to the important role. Unfortunately, mixed reactions to The Amazing Spider-Man see Sheen all too often forgotten when it comes to acknowledging great casting in Marvel movies.

5 Michael Fassbender As Magneto (X-Men: First Class)

Some harsh realities of Fox’s X-Men movies become clear upon rewatches, but perhaps none are bigger than how overlooked Michael Fassbender’s Magneto is. Assuming the role immediately after a remarkable turn by Ian McKellen made Fassbender’s job hard, but he quickly proved why he was such a perfect casting decision. Few actors could carry off the gravitas, pathos, and anger of Magneto as well as Fassbender managed, but as he was stuck playing the role in films considered largely underwhelming, the exceptional casting is doomed to be underappreciated.

4 Danai Gurira As Okoye (Black Panther)

When it comes to excellent casting choices, Black Panther is one of the MCU’s most impressive movies. However, one of its supporting characters was exceptionally well-cast, and that brilliant decision is often overlooked. Danai Gurira was a perfect choice to play the warrior Okoye and has truly made the role her own. Gurira is perhaps best known for her role as the sword-wielding Michonne in The Walking Dead, perhaps going some way toward explaining why she’s so convincing as one of Wakanda’s most formidable protectors.

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3 Chris Evans As Johnny Storm/The Human Torch (Fantastic Four)

2005’s Fantastic Four is largely considered a disappointing adaptation, but it actually boasted some brilliant casting choices. None stand out quite as much as Chris Evans as Johnny Storm/The Human Torch, with the actor perfectly capturing Storm’s arrogant but charismatic nature and flair for showmanship. Though Evans’ excellent casting in Fantastic Four is often overlooked, he was later afforded redemption by being perfectly cast as the MCU’s Steve Rogers, perhaps proving that he was simply made for superhero movies.

2 Mike Colter As Luke Cage (Luke Cage)

Another of Netflix’s Marvel shows to have secured a perfect casting in a lead role was Luke Cage. One of Marvel’s most remarkable heroes was brought to life in a way that hardly seemed possible, with Mike Colter cast as Cage. The actor looks uncannily like the hero from the comics, and the resemblance was topped off by a well-equipped costume department. Though the casting was a truly staggering stroke of genius, Colter is often left out of the conversation surrounding perfect Marvel casting (even when his Defenders co-star Charlie Cox is included). Though it’s unclear if Luke Cage will join the MCU, Colter would certainly remain the perfect choice.

1 Donald Glover As Aaron Davis (Spider-Man: Homecoming)

Donald Glover’s appearance in Spider-Man: Homecoming was nothing more than a cameo, but it actually proved to be one of the MCU’s best and most forgotten perfect casting choices. Glover appears as Aaron Davis, a small-time criminal who is destined to become the villain known as the Prowler. Glover’s casting is perfect because of the actor’s talent and popularity, and for the fact that it teases an MCU future involving Miles Morales (Davis’ nephew). Though it’s unclear if Glover will eventually return as Aaron Davis, his casting remains one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s best and most forgotten.

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