Though Thor has proved himself one of theMarvel Cinematic Universe’s most popular characters, he still has a number of powerful villains from the comics that he’s yet to face. Since his introduction in 2011’s Thor, the MCU’s own God of Thunder has found himself up against some truly terrible foes. The likes of Loki, Malekith, Hela, Thanos, and Gorr the God Butcher have all faced Thor within Marvel’s live-action universe, putting the Asgardian hero well and truly through his paces.

Despite having already fought a number of powerful enemies (losing Asgard, Mjolnir, Odin, and Loki in the process), there’s a wealth of villains Thor has faced in the comics who have yet to appear in the MCU. Though Thor’s MCU future has been subject to debate, it’s clear that there is still plenty of narrative potential for the hero to continue his on-screen tenure. Every hero needs an appropriate threat in order to rise to the occasion, and Thor’s back catalog of villains contains a number of contenders who would be ripe for the live-action treatment. Here are the 10 most powerful Thor villains that are as yet missing from the MCU.

10 Mongoose

In the comics, Mongoose is literally that: a mongoose given the power to walk upright on two legs and fight with increased strength. Though Mongoose initially appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #283, he was soon tasked with killing Thor. Though he’s rarely shown to be a match for Thor in any real sense, Mongoose has proven on occasion to be a formidable enemy and could yet make an appearance in the MCU.

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9 Minotaur (Dario Agger)

There have been a few iterations of the Minotaur, but the Dario Agger version is the only one to be considered primarily as a Thor villain. Possessing superhuman strength and durability (as well as the ability to transform into the mythical creature of the same name), Minotaur could potentially serve as a secondary antagonist in one of Thor’s future MCU outings. Though Thor: Love and Thunder‘s jokes might not have landed, the film did introduce Hercules in a mid-credits scene, presenting the perfect opportunity to include Dario Agger’s Minotaur alongside the MCU’s Greek gods.

8 Absorbing Man

Technically, Absorbing Man isn’t a Thor villain, but he did feature regularly in older Thor comics. As such, he’d make for a welcome inclusion to the roster of MCU villains to face Thor. With the power to transform himself into any material he touches, Absorbing Man’s powers make him a potentially formidable foe for Thor. Though the character has appeared in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, he has yet to appear in the MCU proper, where he could very well face off against the Asgardian.

7 Enchantress

As one of Asgard’s most powerful sorcerers, Enchantress possesses powers that make her a worthy adversary for Thor. However, she’s just as likely to be introduced as a love interest for the God of Thunder – in the comics, Enchantress is in love with Thor, driving her to extreme behaviors to prevent him from being with anyone else. Despite their potential romantic entanglement, Enchantress is a Thor villain that shouldn’t be underestimated, and her magic would bring an interesting dimension to Thor’s potential MCU future.

6 Ragnarok

Though his name may cause some confusion within the franchise after Thor: Ragnarok, the character Ragnarok would prove to be an interesting addition to the roster of MCU Thor villains. A cyborg clone of Thor created using the hero’s DNA, the biomechanical villain has all of Thor’s powers with none of his compassion. Seeing Thor face an evil version of himself in the MCU certainly sounds like an enticing prospect, particularly as the pair’s powers would effectively balance one another out.

5 Ulik

As far as Thor villains go, Ulik might not be the smartest or possess the most impressive set of powers, but he’s certainly dangerous. Ulik is the most powerful member of the species known as Rock Trolls and is essentially invulnerable to conventional forms of attack due to his thick hide. Despite being a relatively straightforward villain, Ulik’s burning desire to defeat Thor has actually seen him vanquish the God of Thunder on several occasions, thus making him a particularly dangerous villain that has yet to appear in the MCU.

4 Perrikus & The Dark Gods

Perrikus is a member of the Dark Gods, a race of beings that are essentially the evil opposites of Asgardians. In the comics, Perrikus once led the Dark Gods into Asgard, where they pushed Odin, Thor, and the Asgardians to their very limit. In fact, Perrikus was also able to destroy Mjolnir with ease, rendering Thor powerless in the process before enslaving him. Given the relative ease with which Perrikus and the Dark Gods brought Asgard to its knees, they would prove interesting additions to the cinematic universe and could prove to be some of the MCU’s most powerful gods.

3 The Midgard Serpent

The Midgard Serpent, also known as Jormungand, is another figure from Norse mythology who serves as one of Thor’s most powerful enemies. The son of Loki, the Midgard Serpent is a colossal being who is near-impervious to attack and also possesses poisonous fangs capable of killing Asgardians. Though his largest role to play would have likely been in Thor: Ragnarok‘s story, there are still a number of narrative opportunities for the MCU’s Thor to face off against the incredibly powerful being.

2 Mangog

When it comes to Thor villains, few possess the level of power of Mangog. The physical embodiment of an entire race killed by the Asgardians, Mangog’s hatred for Thor (and Odin) knows no bounds. He’s able to channel the strength of an entire race and is also capable of withstanding Thor’s strongest and most brutal attacks. In the comics, Mangog has vanquished practically every Asgardian there is at some point or another, making him one of Thor’s most deadly adversaries and an excellent contender for a future MCU villain.

1 Galactus

Galactus is far more than just a Thor villain; he’s one of the MCU’s most powerful entities. However, his role as a villain places him squarely at odds with the likes of the Avengers, and that includes Thor. Galactus and Thor have faced off on numerous occasions, many of which saw the Devourer of Worlds emerge victorious. Of course, Galactus would be better served as an Avengers-level threat within the MCU, but he’s still a villain with which Thor has a history and who has yet to appear within the franchise. As Marvel villains go, Galactus is about as powerful as they come, and he’d be a prime choice to face off against Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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