The multiverse has become an element that has completely redefined the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Heroes like Captain Carter, Loki, and Sylvie have each been traveling across reality to save lives and help people. It has opened up new paths for superheroes to crossover with one another in their bid to protect people.

Yet, as Kang and Ultron hop across different realities, they have proven that villains can also use the multiverse to their advantage. They improve on previous failed appearances and plans, battle one another for dominance, or raise the stakes tremendously. Some villains truly do benefit from the presence of multiversal variants.

10 Thanos Variants Would Threaten the Entire Multiverse

First MCU Appearance

The Avengers (2012)

Played by

Damion Poitier, Josh Brolin, and Sean Gunn

Thanos’ entire mission was to end half of all life in the universe. By the end of Avengers: Endgame, he even sought to end every living person in his entire reality. It meant incredible stakes that threatened every single human and alien on a personal level. A multiversal variant of Thanos could be even more deadly.

If a Thanos variant learns about the multiverse, he can be an eternal threat to the Avengers. A Thanos who learns from his previous mistakes can avoid taunting his enemies by witnessing other variants of himself failing because of it. He can avoid Thor, stop Scott Lang, and prevent Avengers: Endgame from ever happening. A multiversal Thanos could truly win his endless war.

9 Obadiah Stane Would Be a Challenge in a World Without Iron Man

First MCU Appearance

Iron Man (2008)

Played by

Jeff Bridges


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The multiverse is so expansive that it can feature any scenario. If Peggy Carter could become Captain America, then Obadiah Stane could become a prominent villain. While the Earth-616 version failed to survive Iron Man as the Iron Monger, a variant in a world without Iron Man could thrive.

If Stane had access to Tony’s suit design without having to worry about his business partner, the MCU could be a very different place. An entire army of Iron Men would be under his control. It is an interesting narrative direction that can show off just how dangerous Stane can be. That would be a major improvement on his lackluster MCU appearance.

8 Ikaris Was Too Compelling To Appear Only Once

First MCU Appearance

The Eternals (2021)

Played by

Richard Madden

Of all the characters in The Eternals, Ikaris was the most unique. His character arc saw him fall from a devoted soldier to a pained traitor before finally finding that his friends were right all along. The Earth-616 Ikaris flew into the sun in an act that mimicked Ikaris’ mythological namesake.

As touching as the ending was, the multiverse allows Ikaris to return. He can make up for his villainous actions, lean further into villainy, or else be completely untouched by his actions in the movie. If an Ikaris variant met with the Earth-616 Eternals, it could bring extreme emotional strife for the team. That alone is worth exploring.

7 Taskmaster Needs To Play a Bigger Role

First MCU Appearance

Black Widow (2021)

Played by

Olga Kurylenko, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, and Andy Lister

While Taskmaster appeared in Black Widow, she has since fallen from prominence within the MCU. While there is room for Taskmaster to appear again, the failure of Black Widow at the box office has rendered her somewhat listless. A variant could provide an opportunity for Taskmaster to rise again.

The character also has little in common with the comic version, who is a quick-thinking mercenary with a heavy helping of wit. The traumatized Taskmaster in the movie is compelling for one outing but pales when compared to the comic version. A variant could mix traits from both characters, which could be a major boon for the character.

6 Ronan Could Pose a Bigger Threat

First MCU Appearance

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Played by

Lee Pace


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Ronan could have been a much bigger threat to the universe than his appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy suggests. With immense firepower and an infinity stone at his side, he could have razed countless worlds. Instead, he was defeated by a dance number. That might have worked with the tone of the movie, but it diminished Ronan’s character.

Without taking away from Star-Lord’s cunning dance, a multiversal variant could allow Ronan to look like a legitimate threat. He could also interact with Captain Marvel, given their shared connection with the Kree. Instead of being wasted by an early appearance, he can be given the weight that he deserves.

5 Kro is Not Even Similar To His Comic Variant

First MCU Appearance

The Eternals (2021)

Played by

Bill Skarsgård

In The Eternals, Kro is a deviant with the ability to steal the power of the Eternals. He borrows their consciousness to increase his intelligence, and he uses their skills to pit them against each other. The deviants, aside from Kro, are depicted as mindless creatures that the Eternals happily stalk and kill. It’s a depiction that makes them someone one-note characters who are simple obstacles in the way of the overall threat, the Celestial plan for humanity.

The comic version of Kro is considerably more compelling. He is a devious and cunning figure who serves as the ruler of an entire civilization of sentient and artistic deviants. A multiversal variant could show the Eternals exactly what Kro could have been even without their intervention, which would further display the themes of the movie.

4 Killmonger Was Too Striking To Be a One-Off Villain

First MCU Appearance

Black Panther (2018)

Played by

Michael B. Jordan and Seth Carr

It’s hard to depict Killmonger better than Black Panther already did. The character’s initial anger is sound, but his radicalization eventually causes his downfall, even if his intentions are understandable. He wanted to help his people, but he went too far. The character remains iconic long after his death. Though the MCU tried to improve on Killmonger’s concept, it hasn’t succeeded.

That’s why the multiverse is such a useful tool. Instead of making a new Killmonger, the MCU can simply introduce a Killmonger from an adjacent universe. The character can be fundamentally the same, but Killmonger’s death in Black Panther can remain the tragic scene it is. There never needs to be a resurrection to show more of Michael B. Jordan’s Killmonger. Instead, the multiverse can offer a similar variant for further exploration.

3 Ultron Should Have Been a Thanos-level Threat

First MCU Appearance

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

Played by

James Spader and Neil Fingleton

What If…? proved that Ultron was meant to be more than just a one-off villain. The concept of Artificial Intelligence has been a culturally significant one over the past few years, and it deserves more focus within the MCU. Ultron is the perfect tool to depict the dangers of AI. That is if he wasn’t already dead.

Thankfully, the multiverse provides another path forward. With enough time and development, Ultron can become a Thanos-level threat. The entire multiverse could fall under his domain, especially when Iron Man’s influences have rendered Earth-616 an exceptionally technologically advanced world. Ultron could take on Iron Man, Star-Lord, and Vision with absolute ease. The multiverse is a way for him to return with a vengeance.

2 The Red Skull Needs a Modern Incarnation

First MCU Appearance

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

Played by

Hugo Weaving and Ross Marquand


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The Red Skull was one of the scariest villains in the MCU because of his drive. But his rise to power came from an actual historical event.

While Red Skull has appeared since his supposed death in Captain America: The First Avenger, he is little more than a shadow of his former self. Trapped in servitude, he can never show his true evil once he enters the modern age. Captain America’s greatest foe is little more than a doorman.

The multiverse can give the Red Skull a path to the present day. A variant that was not taken by the Soul Stone can rise with Hydra and prove his everlasting villainy. While he is unlikely to ever be a Thanos-level threat, given his relative lack of powers, he can rally an army to stand against Captain America and the Winter Soldier. It would be interesting to see him react to a world that has long since left World War II behind.

1 Gorr the God-Butcher Deserves a Better Depiction

First MCU Appearance

Thor: Love and Thunder (2022)

Played by

Christian Bale

Gorr the God Butcher is the most interesting character in Thor: Love and Thunder. After losing his child, he sets about on a journey to avenge his people by butchering all gods. He is an excellent fighter, a brutal killer, and a man desperately avenging those he loves. Unfortunately, Gorr was brought into the MCU in a comedy movie.

Through the use of the multiverse, Marvel Studios can make up for that mistake. Gorr’s story can be a movie of its own, as a variant takes up arms against the gods. His story does not necessarily need to involve Thor at all. If it does, he can face a more serious version of his foe. It essentially gives Marvel the right to redo Thor: Love and Thunder with a tone more suited to Bale’s depiction of Gorr.


In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, heroes like Iron Man, Captain America, and Captain Marvel battle threats to the Earth and to the universe.

 While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has had some brilliant villains, some need to be redone through the use of variants from the multiverse.  Read More