Jaime Campbell Bower has proven himself as a versatile actor, capable of portraying a wide range of villains in various franchises.
Bower’s dream superhero role is that of Scarecrow, which would link well to his acting history as Vecna.
However, there are plenty of other roles that the actor would no doubt excel at due to his ability to convey an imposing presence.

Jamie Campbell Bower has played an array of larger-than-life roles that have helped him rise to prominence and make him ideal for a villain for either the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the new DC Universe. The actor’s career includes roles in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street,The Twilight Saga, and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, but it was Stranger Things season 4, where he played Henry Creel/Vecna, that helped him achieve stardom. In this series, Bower demonstrated an ability to create a truly imposing presence, sending chills down viewers’ spines.

Many of these roles have seen Bower don excessive makeup and act alongside special effects for the character’s fantastical powers that are often required for a supervillain. Moreover, the actor has already expressed interest in playing a particular Batman villain, which increases the likelihood of him debuting in the genre. ​​However, there are plenty of other crucial comic book villains that are ideal for the Stranger Things actor, and would make him an excellent part of the upcoming movies in the MCU or the DCU that he could star in.


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Jamie Campbell has shown impressive acting ability as Stranger Thing’s Vecna, but the villain is far from his first notable acting credit.

10 The Joker

(For The DCU)

The Brave and Bold is one of the most anticipated upcoming DCU movies in the franchise’s roster. Batman has many adversaries that keep his rogues’ gallery expansive, but the Joker remains by far the most recognized and popular, given his history in cinema that rivals the length of the Caped Crusader. The Dark Knight film will likely involve several different enemies to help set up the hero’s world, but a character this popular may be too irresistible to exclude, even if it were to be a fleeting cameo to treat fans.

Bower has various acting abilities that make him a perfect Joker. He is able to effortlessly blend the unsettling traits of a psychopath with snippets of charisma, which could make for one of the scariest Joker interpretations of all time. However, casting Bower as a lesser-known villain could allow the actor more creative freedom, given the great number of actors that have played the Joker have set audience expectations for the role high and anticipating another grittier rendition of the character. Nevertheless, Bower in various respects would be an extremely reliable choice for the Clown Prince of Crime.

9 Dusan Al Ghul

(For The Brave And Bold)

Very few know that the classic Batman villain, Ra’s al-Ghul, has more children than Talia. Dusan al-Ghul is the firstborn in the al-Ghul bloodline, a far more loyal and fanatical offspring than the often-complex Talia. Yet, Dusan was repeatedly rejected by his father as his albino condition was deemed a sign of weakness. The Brave and The Bold will feature Damian Wayne, the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia, which will likely incur the appearance of the League of Assassins, and thus could lead to Dusan’s live-action debut.

Bower knows how to leave a serious impression onscreen, even when not playing the primary antagonist. His recent role in Kevin Costner’s Western, Horizon, proves an essential audition for this type of role. Bower stole the show as Caleb Sykes, the more unhinged and reckless of two brothers on a revenge path for their father. Bower made his character distasteful in every sense, yet left some level of nuance through his desperation to prove himself, providing a potential preview of what his Dusan Al Ghul could be like.


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8 Hobgoblin

(For Future MCU Spider-Man Movies)

More Tom Holland Spider-Man movies are set for the future of the MCU. Many of the hero’s most highly-recognized comic book foes have already received popular screen portrayals, and this sets up a great opportunity for some lesser-known ones to make it to the screen in the sequels, especially since Holland’s saga has already introduced villains who were previously yet to receive a cinematic adaptation.

Although it could be argued that Bower’s case for Green Goblin or Harry Osborn is equally strong, Spider-Man: No Way Home implies Norman Osborn doesn’t exist in the MCU. Therefore, Hobgoblin would be an ideal replacement. Bower has continuously transformed into villains with a Halloween aesthetic, and Hobgoblin would continue this theme, while also providing a way to circumvent the MCU’s missing Osborns via using someone like Phillip Urich or Jason Macedale who has held the Hogoblin mantle before in the comics, and could in the movies collect leftover Green Goblin tech from Willem Dafoe’s appearance to make their own.

7 Trigon

(For The DCU’s Teen Titans)

A Teen Titans movie has been announced for the DCU in its first chapter, titled Gods and Monsters. Few details have been released about the movie, including which heroes from the comics would be used and which villains they would face off against. Since Trigon is the demonic father of founding Teen Titans member, Raven, he would be the perfect antagonist to use, or at the very least could be perfect for subsequent outings.

Bower’s performance as Vecna provides an audition for Trigon that makes him not only an essential candidate but an imperative one. The Stranger Things villain had a rivalry with Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven – a character notably similar to Raven – and amid their conflict, the two shared a personal connection based on their shared past. Although it could be argued that Bower is younger than one would expect this DC demon to be, the actor has a way of altering his vocals and manner, which – along with the prosthetics and SFX makeup – helped him appear unrecognizable when playing Vecna.

6 Black Hand

(For Lanterns)

Although the most recognized villain for the Green Lanterns is Sinestro, Black Hand would be a perfect fit for the main villain in the upcoming Lanterns. The series has recently been confirmed to be mostly centered on Earth, and whilst The Lanterns Corps have faced enemies across the Galaxy, Hal Jordan’s rogues gallery includes several Earth-bound adversaries. Black Hand is among them as well as one of Jordan’s most dangerous foes, as his actions led to the DC event Blackest Night, which showcased the Black Lantern Corps.

Lanterns has been described by James Gunn as “an original detective story“, suggesting a few twists and turns can be expected to occur. Bower would be an ideal fit for both the role and the show’s tone, especially since it has been revealed to be exploring a murder. Introducing Black Hand in his civilian form – William Hand – would thus set up for a great plot twist that could tie the Lanterns’ lore easily into the death and revival obsessed villain, providing Bowers a great chance to show off his acting range.


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5 Brother Blood

(For The DCU’s Teen Titans)

Another formidable Teen Titans enemy that should be considered for the upcoming movie, Brother Blood has made several appearances in television shows; the 2003 animated series Teen Titans, its 2013 spin-off Teen Titans Go! and the live-action series Titans, played by Joseph Morgan. He also appeared in CW’s Arrow season 2, played by Kevin Alejandro. Bower is similar in age to the actors who portrayed Blood in live-action and his above-mentioned films match the gothic fantasy aesthetic needed for the character.

Bower’s role as Caius Volturi in The Twilight Saga: New Moon and both Twilight: Breaking DawnPart I and Twilight Breaking Dawn Part II provide the actor with a history of cinematic fantastical cults. Moreover, Bower is also set to star in the upcoming horror remake Witchboard. The trailer sees Bower, who plays occult expert Alexander Babtiste with an authoritative voice and infectious charisma. The movie’s combination of supernatural and religion will be a perfect blueprint for James Gunn and Peter Safran to consider him for their Brother Blood.

4 Bolivar Trask

(For The MCU X-Men Reboot)

Although not a villain with mutant powers like Magneto or Apocalypse, Trask has been a thorn in the X-Men team’s side for a long time. The ambitious scientist has an undying hatred for mutants, seeing them as a threat to humanity, and infamously creates the Sentinel Program. Although both Trask and the Sentinels were essential to X-Men: Days of Future Past, fans may be hoping for a far more comic-accurate presentation of the Sentinels, as well as show how villainous Trask can be.

Bower is already no stranger to plots that involve depraved scientists, and although Henry Creel was on the receiving end of harsh experiments, Bower nevertheless gave his now-iconic character hints of ominous determination. These could be expanded upon if he were to play Trask, which would be a different role for him. Unlike the other entries, Trask does not require excessive makeup, but Bower can still hold the audience’s attention through his intense nature and authoritarian voice, making one of the non-powered X-Men foes stand out should the MCU reboot use Trask.


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3 Dracula

(For Blade Sequels)

The upcoming Blade movie that stars Mahershala Ali may have already teased Lilith, played by Mia Goth, as its antagonist. However, Dracula is too essential to Blade’s comic book lore to leave out, as well as being one of the most iconic villains in any medium. Although the MCU Blade reboot has faced numerous delays, it is currently scheduled to be released in 2025. Should more solo outings involving the vampire hunter be made, the most powerful and notorious vampire would not only be essential but imperative to face next.

Bower’s ability to convey a gothic and abnormal presence will bring to life one of the most recognized names in all fiction. Although youthful-looking, Bower has a way of conveying regal conduct beyond his years, largely through his eyes and interchangeable vocals that range from soft and reserved to deep and aggressive. He also has a history of playing a vampire, although only through a supporting role in The Twilight Saga. It would be good to finally see him don the vampire drapes and bear the fangs in a more prominent villain role.

2 Knull

(For Future Spider-Man Movies That Could Explore The Symbiote Lore And Origins)

Knull is one of the most powerful and important Marvel antagonists, who created significant elements that have already appeared in the MCU; the Necrosword, which Gorr the God Butcherer has wielded, and the Symbiote alien race, which features in the Venom series. The Multiverse Saga also aims to connect the Marvel properties previously under different studios into one narrative. Although nothing has been confirmed, these clues could be a subtle foreshadowing for the villain to appear. If not in an Avengers crossover, then one of the future Spider-Man movies could be a perfect avenue for Knull’s appearance.

Again, Bower’s lengthy history with the fantasy genre makes him an excellent choice, but he is also no stranger to playing omnipotent leaders behind everything. Vecna is Marvel’s most essential audition to cast Bower as Knull. Bower transformed when playing the role, as his hauntingly deep voice and imposing demeanor truly helped make Vecna feel like an otherworldly ruler.


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1 Scarecrow

(For The Batman Part II)

Bower as Scarecrow is already a popular choice among fans, increasing the likelihood of him being cast in either the MCU or DCU.

Bower’s superhero dream role is none other than Doctor Jonathan Crane, as the actor explained himself in February 2023. Certainly, Bower’s skill for playing villains would be essential for Matt Reeves’ Elseworld Batman Universe. Currently, there is no announced antagonist for the sequel, but should this be Scarecrow, the villain would match the gritty and somber tone previously established in this standalone world, as Scarecrow’s abilities would incur a horror element to the sequel.

Elseworlds is a term that refers to any project that does not fit into the DCU’s shared universe and will be labeled as
DC Elseworlds
moving forward.

Jaime Campbell Bower would be capable of bringing a truly harrowing Scarecrow to life based on his acting history. Reeves’ made his Batman villains feel realistic and human, so Bower’s blend of intensity and vulnerability from Henry Creel is already a perfect blueprint for Crane. Bower as Scarecrow is already a popular choice among fans, increasing the likelihood of him being cast in the role, especially given the paralells between Scarecrow’s ability to create nightmarish hallucinogenic experiences and Vecna’s ability to warp reality itself.

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