Uniting the Avengers doesn’t have to be complicated; The Kang Dynasty should follow Infinity War’s lead by having the heroes band together in smaller groups and then encounter each other. Avengers 5 must establish Kang’s power, just like Infinity War did with Thanos; starting the movie with a scene showcasing Kang’s strength would build anticipation for the epic conclusion. Avengers 5 should aim to be groundbreaking, just like Infinity War; by breaking new ground in terms of narrative or cinematic elements, the movie can become another landmark in the MCU.

The upcoming MCU movie Avengers: The Kang Dynasty will mark the start of the Multiverse Saga’s planned two-part conclusion, but it could actually learn a number of lessons from the success of 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War. As Avengers 5 will begin the ending of the MCU’s Multiverse Saga, Infinity War is its Infinity Saga counterpart, as the 2018 film served as part one of a two-part Phase 3 finale. As the first stages of the MCU’s movie timeline built up to the events of Infinity War, it was a massive cinematic occasion, and the franchise is beginning to prepare for its next big team-up spectacle in The Kang Dynasty.

The parallels between the two movies’ respective places in the franchise mean that the upcoming Marvel movie can learn a great deal from its predecessor. Infinity War’s massive success both with critics and at the box office evidences its widespread popularity, and it remains one of the most beloved MCU outings to date. Its approach to featuring a staggering ensemble cast and wrapping up a sprawling, interconnected narrative is something that The Kang Dynasty also must do with equal success.

10 How To Bring Multiple MCU Heroes Together

Uniting Avengers Doesn’t Need To Be Complicated

One of the biggest perceived difficulties in bringing the cast of Avengers: Infinity War together was how to connect the heroes of so many different stories together. However, the film established a very simple framework for assembling its central heroes: it simply had them band together to fight evil in smaller groups and then had them encounter one another shortly after. From a narrative perspective, it was uncomplicated and logical, and Avengers: The Kang Dynasty would do well to employ a similar method, especially as the ranks of the MCU’s heroes have grown since Infinity War.

9 How Avengers 5 Must Establish Kang’s Power

Infinity War Started With A Huge Villain Moment

One of the larger differences between the Infinity Saga and the Multiverse Saga is that Kang has already been introduced and explored ahead of his big showdown with the Avengers, whereas Thanos’ major debut came in Infinity War itself. However, Infinity War also started with a scene in which Thanos’ immense power was clearly demonstrated, easily overpowering Thor and killing Loki. Starting Avengers 5 with a similar scene outlining just how dangerous a threat the heroes are facing in Kang would be a perfect way to build to an epic conclusion of the Multiverse Saga.

8 Avengers 5 Shouldn’t Shy Away From New Ideas

Infinity War Was Groundbreaking – Avengers 5 Should Be Too

Perhaps the greatest strength of Infinity War wasn’t in specific narrative tropes but rather in its general concept. The notion of bringing so many heroes together to face Thanos – and then have them actually lose, no less – was utterly groundbreaking, and though doing the exact same thing again in The Kang Dynasty would be ill-advised, the upcoming film should seek to be equally innovative. By daring to break new ground in a cinematic or narrative sense, Avengers 5 could prove to be another landmark movie in the MCU.

7 Tying Up Loose Plot Threads

Infinity War Proved Skipping Some Context Can Work

Infinity War had many excellent qualities, but one that’s often overlooked is how well it contextualized its own story. Though the necessary ideas had all been introduced, the intricacies of bringing them together were needlessly complicated, and Infinity War opted to skip some of them, such as having Thanos obtain the Power Stone off-screen. With the Multiverse creating an infinite number of plot threads and the many movies and TV shows of the MCU making the franchise bigger than ever, The Kang Dynasty will undoubtedly need to borrow the same method of selective context as Infinity War.

6 The MCU Needs Leaders

The MCU Must Establish Its Leading Heroes Before Avengers 5

Infinity War may have successfully united a whole host of heroes, but it did so under two key leaders: Iron Man and Captain America. One clear issue with the MCU ahead of The Kang Dynasty is that the Avengers have no obvious leadership figure, and that’s something that Avengers 5 will need in order to succeed. Establishing exactly which heroes will lead the Avengers against Kang is of vital importance, as coordinating the characters of the MCU under a more experienced hero would offer a sense of order to the expected chaos of the Multiverse Saga’s conclusion.

5 Comedy Is Still Essential

Even Big Cinematic Events Need Levity

Although Infinity War played arguably the most serious role in the MCU’s wider story to date, the film still featured many lighthearted moments. This is an important lesson for The Kang Dynasty: no matter how high the stakes, levity is crucial in the MCU as it prevents the franchise from descending too heavily into over-serious exploration of its complex canon. Though the story will indeed need to be emotional and impactful, offering up moments of playful comedy that are vital in keeping the spirit of the MCU intact at the close of the Multiverse Saga.

4 Character Development Is Still Important

Infinity War Also Explored Character Arcs

Much like Infinity War, The Kang Dynasty has an important role to play in the overall franchise of the MCU. However, one of Infinity War’s greatest narrative elements was the ongoing examination of different characters and their respective stories, because the events of the film tied into their own pasts and futures as part of the franchise’s timeline. The consistency that this offered with the films before and after has contributed to the depth of the MCU’s characters, and it’s yet another lesson that The Kang Dynasty could learn from the film.

3 Avengers 5 Needs Some Permanent Stakes

Infinity War Ended Many Stories Despite Being A “Part 1” Movie

Even though Avengers: Infinity War was the first part of a two-part conclusion, it also offered up some more finite stakes, such as the deaths of the original Loki and Gamora. By bringing specific arcs (such as Loki and Thor’s reconciliation and Star-Lord and Gamora’s romance) to an end, Infinity War subtly raised the stakes for Endgame with an added sense of danger and finality. It’s something that The Kang Dynasty may seek to emulate, particularly as it will likely play the same role in relation to setting up Avengers: Secret Wars.

2 Balancing Big Battle Scenes

Infinity War Gave Every Avenger An Action Moment

Infinity War may have ended with the heroes losing to Thanos, but they fought valiantly to the end. The film’s action-packed third act saw the amassed forces of the Avengers fight Thanos on two fronts, some on Titan and the rest in Wakanda. One of the most important lessons to be learned from Infinity War’s action is the importance of giving each hero a role in the battle, affording each one a certain amount of screen time in order to balance them against one another. It’s this that made Infinity War such a successful Avengers movie, and The Kang Dynasty will need to recreate that balanced action dynamic.

1 Infinity War’s Ending Has A Big Avengers 5 Lesson

Avengers 5 Can Reuse Infinity War’s Cliffhanger Trick

The ending of Avengers: Infinity War ranks among the MCU’s most powerful moments simply because the unexpected conclusion saw the death of multiple heroes as Thanos emerged victorious. The cliffhanger nature of the ending perfectly set up the sequel, teasing retribution for the surviving heroes while also making it unclear whether those killed could be restored. Such an ending creates not just a lasting impression but also massive anticipation for the next instalment, and it’s perhaps the most important lesson that Avengers: The Kang Dynastycould learn from Avengers: Infinity War.

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