The Fall of X has been completely reshaping the X-Men. Where the mutants had a safe haven on Krakoa, they have now been scattered across the galaxy. Some mutants are trapped on Arakko, others are captives of Orchis, and others still are desperately searching for a safe haven in Chandilar.

While the majority of the X-Men have been completely uprooted by the events of this devastating event, there are many more who have suffered even worse fates. Many mutants have lost their freedom, their security, and even their lives. Entire swathes of the universe are suffering, and the greatest losses have caused extreme suffering to the X-Men and their mutant allies.

10 The Torture of Cyclops

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Cyclops may not be dead, but he has been put in an impossible situation. He is in enemy captivity, paralyzed beneath the waist, and pinned down to a wall. Should he be moved, he risks the booby-trap in his body outright exploding. Even his vaunted eye beams have been neutralized in the most painful way imaginable.

As the most experienced leader of the X-Men, Cyclops is a much-needed element in the Fall of X landscape. Unfortunately, the X-Men appear to have lost their stoic leader. All of his tactical brilliance has been left in the hands of Orchis. There is little hope for Cyclops escaping, and it could mean a dire fate for his companions.

9 The Emergence of Kate Pryde’s Shadowkat Persona

Kate Pryde’s time on the Quiet Council was a time of great change for her character. She gave up on the nickname “Kitty” and instead tried to mature and modernize herself. She adopted a pirate persona, started calling herself Captain Pryde, and put herself on a personal voyage to protect as many mutants as she could. It was a fun persona that showed just how much Kate has grown.

Unfortunately, Fall of X has ended this era. Captain Pryde is dead and has been officially replaced by Shadowkat. Too hurt to even cling to her role as a pirate, Shadowkat is instead wandering the world as a rogue ninja. She is slaughtering Orchis members, threatening mutants, and waging a one-woman war against the world. It’s a tragic end for Captain Pryde and a serious loss for anyone who loved the Red Queen.

8 The Assumed Betrayal of Firestar

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Firestar had the chance to be a beloved mutant. After being voted into the X-Men during the Second Annual Hellfire Gala, she worked on humanitarian missions alongside the other members of the team. She became a face of the mutant cause. Yet, when the Third Hellfire Gala ended in devastation, Firestar had little choice but to act as a double agent. To the X-Men, it appears that they have lost an ally and gained a new enemy.

In reality, Firestar has become the most important X-Man. Her role within Orchis gives her the opportunity to leak essential information to the Avengers. Unfortunately, most of the mutants regard her as a traitor and a monster. Even after this era ends, Firestar could easily be vilified by the Krakoans for the rest of her life.

7 The Mind Controlled Betrayal of Colossus

Colossus has spent much of the Krakoan age in figurative chains. He has been completely controlled by the Chronicler (who is himself under the direction of Mikhail Rasputin), and this has led to Colossus betraying the X-Men.

Fall of X may signal the end of Colossus’ suffering, but all is not quite well for the veteran mutant. Trapped inside Mikhail’s void, Colossus survives for as long as Mikhail is capable of maintaining the environment. After the Chronicler had a prisoner shoot Mikhail, however, Colossus’ safe haven could very well collapse. The loyal mutant might be crushed under the weight of the void, and it is a horrific fate.

6 The Tragic Fate of the Guardians of the Galaxy’s Nova

Protecting the galaxy is Nova’s chief task. As the greatest member of the Nova Corps, who is also often the Corps’ sole survivor, the cosmic hero has been defending Arakko from the forces of Genesis. He has sacrificed everything in the defense of the Arakki, and it may have led to his demise.

Nova rocketed in front of Storm to save her from an arrow shot by Pestilence. Impaled, the sickness spread and swallowed Nova whole. As an extremely respected member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Rich Rider was always there to provide legitimacy to Storm and the rest of the Great Ring. Without him there, the mutants are in a dangerous position, and they could very well be despised by the universe for his death.

5 The Mutant Casualties of Arakko

Nova was not the only loss for Arakko. Countless Arakki lost their lives after Genesis and her children invaded the planet formerly known as Mars. The mutant nations have some profound differences, but that doesn’t mean that the Arakki survivors deserved to suffer through this fighting without the support of Krakoa.

The Arakki people were forced onto another planet by Krakoa, and they are currently being massacred because of that choice. If not for that, the Arakki easily could have helped to defend the mutants. Instead, thousands of Arakki are dead and many more have been taken and manipulated by Genesis. It’s a horrific fate, and tens of thousands more will likely be dead before the conflict is resolved.

4 The Fall of Angel

Life has been difficult at times for Warren Worthington III. As a physically mutated character, Angel has been manipulated into becoming a monster with a dark soul and a taste for murder. Unfortunately, Dark X-Men #1 (by Steve Foxe, Jonas Scharf, Frank Martin, and VC’s Clayton Cowles) saw Angel descend into his worse self.

The evolution of Angel has been dark, but this final fall has left him in the worst possible situation. After Angel’s horrific death at the hands of Orchis, a skeletal version of the veteran mutant emerged to haunt his enemies. As incredible as the new design is, it’s tragic to see that the once-charming Warren has been left in such a brutal position. It’s a dark turn of events and a horrific loss for the X-Men.

3 The Destruction of Iceman

Iceman is not necessarily dead. Having been melted down by Nimrod during the Hellfire Gala, it seemed that Orchis had finally found a way to destroy the Omega-Level mutant. Thankfully, they failed, but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t score a major victory. As it currently stands, Iceman is trapped in Antarctica, desperately clinging to his boyfriend for survival.

Iceman’s destruction at the Hellfire Gala poses a major loss for the X-Men. He represents another Omega-level mutant taken off the board, leaving the mutants relatively defenseless. Iceman can only spend one hour away from Antarctica before his body begins to fall apart. It makes him an unreliable fighting force, which is a serious problem when mutants are constantly under assault.

2 The Death of Jean Grey

It isn’t particularly uncommon for Jean Grey to die. After all, her deaths have defined X-Men comics for years. Decades have passed that don’t include Jean at all, while the other X-Men continue to fight those who hate and fear them. Jean’s death at the Hellfire Gala, however, came at the worst possible time.

Like Iceman, Jean is another Omega-Level mutant who has been taken off the board. Her death has kept her trapped in the White Hot Room, alongside countless other mutants. It’s a tragic fate that has left the free mutants in the unenviable position of serving as the sole protectors of all the world’s superheroes.

1 The Massacre of the X-Men

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The Third Annual Hellfire Gala introduced a new team of mutants who were prepared to represent the people of Krakoa. Synch, Talon, Juggernaut, Cannonball, Dazzler, Frenzy, Prodigy, and Jubilee were all elected to serve as the newest team of X-Men. Tragically, only three of them managed to escape the carnage when Nimrod attacked the Gala.

Cannonball, Dazzler, Frenzy, Prodigy, and Jubilee all met tragic fates at the hands of the murderous robot. They deserved a chance to really thrive as heroes, and it would have been a great boon to all of those characters. A moment in the spotlight would have likely given them a chance to shine, despite having previously been criminally underrated.

 Fall of X has already proven to be one of the X-Men’s greatest defeats, and the mutants have already suffered a number of devastating losses.  Read More