After the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes end, expect exciting reveals about the future of the MCU, including how mutants will be incorporated and the announcement of Spider-Man 4.
The strikes have put a halt on the development of upcoming MCU Phase 5 projects, but multiple announced MCU projects are in the pipeline, with more potential ones on the way.
Once the strikes are resolved, there will likely be a wave of announcements about the future of the MCU, including a possible reboot in Phase 7, a Fantastic Four cast announcement, and updates on Blade’s production and Eternals 2.

Once the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes end, there could be multiple reveals and announcements about the future of the MCU that would prove particularly exciting. The result of a series of ongoing Hollywood labor disputes, the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes continue, with writers and actors hoping to improve working conditions for creatives working in the film and TV industry. One of the more immediate results of the strikes has been the lack of updates on future projects – including upcoming Marvel movies – as actors have refused to participate in promotional work and writers’ strikes have seen the development of many movies put on hold pending their resolution.

However, as the movies of the MCU rank among cinema’s most popular, its future releases are hotly anticipated. Though development on most upcoming MCU Phase 5 projects has been halted by the strikes, the franchise’s future remains on the horizon, with multiple announced MCU projects already in the pipeline and potential others on the way as well. Due to the strikes, reveals about the MCU’s future have also been placed on hold, but the resolution of the issues is likely to trigger a wave of announcements regarding the franchise’s upcoming titles. Here are 10 of the biggest MCU reveals to expect as soon as the strike ends.

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The MCU’s X-Men

One announcement that many will hope is forthcoming after the strike ends is one that details how exactly mutants will be incorporated into the MCU. It’s one of the franchise’s most noticeable exclusions, with the rights to the characters only recently reverting to Marvel Studios, and the introduction of the X-Men and other mutants has been one of the MCU’s longest-awaited announcements. Though their existence has been confirmed in the franchise, details on how exactly mutants will factor into the MCU’s wider story will hopefully be among Marvel’s first reveals after the strike.

9 Announcement Of Spider-Man 4

Spider-Man 4

Though Spider-Man’s MCU timeline might not be the story most in need of a continuation, it’s certainly one of the more heavily anticipated projects that has yet to be announced. The character is one of Marvel’s most beloved and iconic heroes, and his previous MCU outings have been particularly popular, introducing a new and interesting spin on the more traditional comic book backstory of Marvel’s resident wall-crawler. Another Spider-Man sequel in the MCU has already been teased, and an official announcement of the development of Spider-Man 4 would be a welcome reveal.

8 Whether Phase 7 Will Reboot The MCU

MCU Phase 7

It has been suggested that the MCU may be heading toward a reboot in Avengers: Secret Wars, and the end of the strike could see an official reveal of whether the speculation is true. Many feel that a reboot could solve big MCU problems, while others believe that the speculation regarding a rebooted MCU is unlikely to be rooted in fact. Regardless of the likelihood of an MCU reboot, it’s likely that Marvel will offer an official stance on the discourse by announcing their intentions for the franchise in Phase 7 and onward.

7 Fantastic Four Cast Announcement

Marvel’s Fantastic Four

One of the most often-speculated details of the MCU’s future is who will be cast in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie, and it’s likely that this will be one of the biggest forthcoming announcements after the strike ends. The official announcement of who will play the MCU’s Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and the Thing is perhaps the most sought-after reveal regarding the MCU’s future, but it’s not likely to happen until after the strike is resolved. Due to actors and writers declining to promote upcoming movies, it’s all but certain that the announcement will wait until the reveal can be more effectively executed.

Blade (2025)

Although some details are known about Marvel’s upcoming Blade movie, there are many details that have yet to be officially confirmed. One of these is simply the film’s overall status and release date, which has moved multiple times due to development issues and delays linked to the strike. Though Blade is still tipped for a 2025 release at the time of writing, this could potentially change considering the length of the strike and the impact this has had on the film’s production. An update will likely be forthcoming shortly after the strike ends and Marvel can reassess Blade‘s development cycle.

5 Whether Eternals 2 Will Be Part Of Phase 6 Or 7

Eternals 2

Though Eternals was one of Phase 4’s least successful movies, it introduced a number of important characters and stories to the MCU and ended on a cliffhanger. The plot threads left dangling by Eternals will need to be resolved in the franchise, and an announcement on the status of the sequel will hopefully come after the strike ends. Considering the potential importance of Celestials and the characters of Black Knight and Starfox, clarifying when they’ll return to continue Eternals‘ story is a much-needed MCU reveal.


Riri Williams may have already made her MCU debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, but her upcoming Disney+ series has yet to receive an official release date. Ironheart is still tipped for a 2024 release, but this may well change depending on how much production has been affected by the strike. An official announcement regarding Ironheart‘s status and release date may well be among the first pending the strike’s resolution.

Daredevil: Born Again

One of the most anticipated upcoming MCU releases is Daredevil: Born Again, which will mark Charlie Cox’s first official solo outing in the MCU proper as the Man Without Fear. The series is eagerly awaited as it is likely to answer many burning questions about MCU canon and the overall tone of Daredevil in the MCU, and an official release date will likely be one of the first announcements made regarding the show once the strike ends. As many have waited years to see Daredevil in the MCU, Marvel will hopefully announce more details about the series sooner rather than later.

Armor Wars

Armor Wars is one of multiple MCU projects to have been teased as far back as Phase 1 that still has yet to come to fruition. However, post-strike reveals might finally see details about the movie released, explaining more about its story, characters, and overall context within the franchise. As Armor Wars was initially planned as a Disney+ series and later revised as a movie, it’s clear that its development hasn’t been the smoothest, so it’s likely Marvel will seek to clarify its status as soon as possible.

1 Other MCU Casting Announcements

Future MCU Stars Could Be Officially Announced

Alongside reveals and announcements regarding specific projects, there are various other casting decisions for the MCU’s future that may come to light after the strike ends. These include which actors will play key Marvel characters such as Doctor Doom, Galactus, Mephisto, and potential variants of existing or returning characters in Avengers: Secret Wars. As there are potentially multiple unannounced projects underway already, the casting of new and unexpected characters in the MCU is something that Marvel may announce soon after the strikes are resolved.

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