Kingpin’s political ambitions in the MCU offer a chance to recreate the iconic Mayor Fisk storyline from the comics. Matt Murdock may struggle to combat Fisk as a legitimized public figure, forcing him to rely on his other skills. Daredevil: Born Again may not faithfully stick to the comics, but Murdock can bring down Fisk through legitimate political competition and exposing his criminal dealings.

As Marvel’s Echo made it clear that Daredevil’s arch-nemesis Kingpin has political ambitions, the “Devil of Hell’s Kitchen” may need a new plan of attack to take on his foe in Daredevil: Born Again. Wilson Fisk’s plans to become the Mayor of New York are evident from the post-credits scene of Echo, a moment that offers the Marvel Cinematic Universe a chance to recreate the iconic Mayor Fisk storyline from the comics. If this does happen, the manipulative mobster can conveniently rebrand himself as the savior of New York.

This move may prove brilliant, as Matt Murdock could struggle to combat Fisk as he normally does – with violence – once the latter is a seemingly legitimized public figure. Any moves of aggression could be twisted and used by the new Mayor Fisk to justify legal reform and measures to turn the public and the law against Daredevil and other vigilantes. This sets up Daredevil: Born Again‘s story to focus on Matt’s other skill set.


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Kingpin’s MCU Future Could See Daredevil Become New York City Mayor

Kingpin’s rise to political power in the MCU can mirror the events of the 2017 Daredevil comics that introduced Fisk refurbishing his public image and becoming New York’s Mayor. But this storyline also gave way to Matt Murdock becoming his Deputy Mayor and eventually an Emergency Mayor for a brief period. It’s worth noting that before these events, Daredevil’s alter ego had been revealed to the public, leaving long-term repercussions. However, after he had saved the lives of the children of the mind-controlling Purple Man, the Purple Children repaid the favor by brainwashing everyone to forget Daredevil’s secret identity.

This explains why Fisk didn’t harbor any suspicion when he crossed paths with Murdock after becoming Mayor. If Daredevil: Born Again sticks to the comics, the Mayor Fisk storyline can affect MCU heroes like Daredevil, Spider-Man, and more, as one of Fisk’s main agendas was to outlaw street vigilantism. Hence, Murdock applied for the position of Deputy Mayor to surveil Kingpin’s illegal activities and anti-vigilantism crusade. Eventually, when a surprise attack by the ninjas of the Hand left Fisk severely wounded, Murdock took charge as the city’s Emergency Mayor and ordered street-level superheroes to protect the city from the Hand.

Why Daredevil: Born Again Is Likely To Take A Different Route

Despite Daredevil’s political journey having far-reaching possibilities in the MCU, it’s highly unlikely for Daredevil: Born Again to faithfully stick to the comics. Firstly, MCU’s Fisk clearly knows Murdock’s Daredevil identity. While Jessica Jones introduced Purple Man, it’s uncertain if he would be reintroduced in the MCU, leaving out the scope for his Purple Children brainwashing anyone. But with Fisk acquiring public legitimacy and potentially campaigning on an anti-vigilante ticket like in the comics, it will be difficult for Daredevil to physically take him down as in previous encounters. But Murdock can still take Fisk down through legitimate political competition.


Kingpin’s Next MCU Story Faces One Major Problem If Netflix’s Daredevil Show Is Canon

Kingpin’s exciting MCU future faces one big issue assuming the entirety of Netflix’s previous Daredevil show is now a part of the official canon.

Instead of applying for Deputy Mayor, he can run for the top position to destroy Kingpin in a popularity contest. All in all, with Murdock hypothetically becoming Mayor, Daredevil: Born Again can loosely follow the comic storyline. However, it does currently appear more likely that Daredevil won’t choose the political route because there are currently more viable ways to take Kingpin down should he indeed run for mayor. With his legal partner Foggy Nelson and investigative journalist Karen Page rumored to return, Murdock can reveal Fisk’s criminal dealings and bring down his political empire without relying on brute force.

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