A return to the Marvel Universe doesn’t appear to be on the horizon for one major player from ABC’s Agents of SHIELD.

Although Agents of SHIELD was the first serialized TV show in the Marvel universe after the MCU’s inception, its place in the canon has been a question mark for years after certain storylines seemingly diverted from the main MCU timeline.

And with the show utilizing major Marvel characters such as Ghost Rider over the years, many are curious whether any of this series’ characters will ever officially cross over into the Marvel Studios-produced stories.

No Return in Sight for Agents of SHIELD Star

Agents of SHIELD star Natalia Cordova-Buckley indicated she does not have her ambitions set on a return to the Marvel universe after playing the role of Elena “Yo-Yo” Rodriguez.

In an interview with Josh Wilding for her new movie The Portrait, Cordova-Buckley explained how she is “completely satisfied” with her time on the series and how Yo-Yo is “profoundly special to [her] as a person” as the role jumpstarted her career:

“I’m completely satisfied. Yo-Yo is, you know, I choke up every time I talk about Yo-Yo. She is profoundly special to me as a person and as an artist. I got the perfect role at the perfect time with her. She built me up and, being part of such a huge franchise like Marvel…my grandfather was a huge comic book fan. In all ways, it was really magical but, to be honest with you, it was the beginning of my career in the United States.”

While the role was “perfect for that moment,” the Agents of SHIELD actress’ focus now is more on indie films and “stuff that does craft work” rather than being locked into a big franchise role:

“It was perfect for that moment but I really want to focus on the kind of stuff that ‘The Portrait’ is. I want to do a lot of indies. I want to do stuff that does craft work. I didn’t become an actress to be famous or make money and feel like, sometimes, those big franchise movies just turn into that. They can really lock you up as an actor with just those types of characters.”

She expressed her profound gratitude for the chance to have “five years of doing a superhero,” stating that another actor can take over her role while calling the experience “perfect” for her:

“I had five years of doing a superhero. That’s enough for me. Someone else can take it over now. I’m profoundly grateful. It was perfect for me. It’s like that relationship you finish off beautifully and is everything it could have ever been.”

While Agents of SHIELD star Clark Gregg appeared in a flashback role in 2019’s Captain Marvel, he is the only actor from the series to come back into the MCU following his series’ debut in 2013.

Will Agents of SHIELD Characters Join the MCU?

Considering how dicey Agents of SHIELD’s canon status is amongst the rest of the MCU, it appears to be a long shot that any of its characters will move over into the canon adventures.

Rumors had hinted that Quake star Chloe Bennet was on her way to a comeback for 2023’s Secret Invasion, which she repeatedly debunked before the show didn’t end up including her or mentioning her in any way.

On the other side of the discussion, Ghost Rider actor Gabriel Luna expressed interest in playing the supernatural antihero once more, although no plans have been teased for the character’s MCU debut yet.

As the MCU dives deeper into the Multiversal adventures taking the spotlight in the Multiverse Saga, it’s difficult to tell where a show like Agents of SHIELD could fit into the grand landscape.

But with Marvel also looking to revamp its strategy for Disney+ shows, stepping away from limited series in favor of multiseason serialized TV programs, ground-level shows like this one could see new life in some form.

All seven seasons of Agents of SHIELD are streaming on Disney+.

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