The Marvel Universe might be brimming with iconic heroes, but as it turns out, Spider-Man’s favored superhero is none other than Invincible. This selection may come as a surprise to many fans, who might have expected Iron Man, or another Avenger. Nevertheless, Mark Grayson is unique in a way no other hero is, securing his place as the beloved Webslinger’s favorite superhero.

Marvel Team-Up Vol 3 #14 – by writer Robert Kirkman, with art by Cory Walker and Bill Crabtree – finds Spider-Man showing Invincible around Avengers Tower, after the two meet during a confrontation involving Doctor Octopus.

Encountering Mary Jane, Invincible assumes she is an Avenger; when Spider-Man clarifies that she is his wife, and not a team member, Mark’s response truly endears him to Peter and solidifies his position as Spider-Man’s favorite superhero.

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Invincible Sees Spider-Man For The Hero He Is, Not The Boy He Was

When Mark easily accepts the revelation that MJ is, in fact, Peter’s wife, Peter can’t help but do a double-take at Invincible’s nonchalance. The Avenger remarks that “most people are surprised” when they discover that he managed to win MJ’s heart. To this, Mark responds with a simple yet genuine question, asking why he should be surprised. He then proceeds to express his opinion that they make a great couple, citing Peter’s athleticism, handsome looks, and terrific sense of humor. This uncomplicated exchange is what forever endears Invincible to Spider-Man and prompts Peter to, both earnestly and with a touch of humor, declare, “you’re my favorite superhero.”

Peter’s reaction might be misconstrued by some as either an overreaction, or a display of pure sarcasm. Yet, this response holds much more significance than it appears. This moment is a profound one for Peter, as it stands out among the many instances where others react with astonishment to his relationship with MJ. Unlike most other heroes, who’ve known Peter since his somewhat awkward and trying-too-hard teenage years, Mark simply sees him for the admirable hero he’s become. This profound recognition deeply touches Peter, evoking a substantial level of affection for his new friend, which he can’t help but express.

Spider-Man and Invincible’s Friendship Deserves More Exploration

Marvel Team-Up Vol 3 #14 provided fans with some delightful Spider-Man and Invincible friendship moments, but it barely scratched the surface of their potential camaraderie. Spider-Man has often played the role of the ‘kid’ in superhero team-ups, which skewed the dynamics of his relationships. Introducing Mark into the mix could open up a whole new dynamic, where they stand on equal footing, and perhaps even allow Spider-Man to take on a mentor-like role. The two characters’ chemistry and witty banter alone make it compelling to see more of their interactions – with a glimmer of hope shining through at the possibility of a Spider-Man crossover in Invincible Season 2.

Marvel Team-Up Vol 3 #14 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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