Mystique is getting a solo series as part of Marvel’s X-Men: From the Ashes relaunch. Declan Shalvey will write and draw the five-issue limited series, which sees Mystique embarking on a “tale of action and espionage” in the seedy underworld of the Marvel Universe. The new Mystique solo series comes after an eventful Krakoan era for Raven Darkholme, as she reunited with her long-dead wife Destiny, reconnected with the son she abandoned, Nightcrawler, and came to an understanding with her adoptive daughter, Rogue. However, while Krakoa once offered amnesty for all mutants, Krakoa is gone, and Mystique’s past stands to catch up with her. Here’s the series synopsis provided by Marvel Comics:

“On Krakoa, Mystique reunited with her wife Destiny and forged new relationships with her children Rogue and Nightcrawler. Now that the mutant nation has fallen, Mystique’s vicious methods are required once more to protect mutants everywhere! With a hit list as long as her rap sheet, Mystique’s actions catch the attention of Nick Fury, erupting in a deadly game of cat and mouse as the elusive shapeshifter infiltrates her way across the Marvel Universe. Complete with a new costume, Mystique’s new saga harkens back to her beloved early ’00s spy series as she takes on a new and pivotal role in the current mutant landscape.

(Photo: Mystique (2024) #1 cover. – Declan Shalvey, Marvel Comics)

“How do you track a subject with a history that contradicts itself? How do you stop a force whose motives change like quicksilver? How do you stop a target that can be anyone? That’s the question that confronts Nick Fury as he stumbles upon a web of lies and espionage leading back to Mystique. From the ashes of Krakoa, the shape-shifting mutant terrorist returns to remind the world exactly why it hates and fears her.”

In a press release, Shalvey says, “Mystique is hands down one of the most compelling characters to come from the Marvel Universe. To have an opportunity to put my own stamp on such an iconic character and showcase her in a series of her own is a unique privilege. As a rabid X-fan since childhood,  I’m having a blast channeling all my X-enthusiasm into writing and drawing this project. In this series, Mystique is reeling from the fall of Krakoa. She’s a rogue element with no accountability putting a mysterious plan into action, ruthlessly destroying anything and anyone in her way.”

X-Men: From the Ashes is a new Marvel initiative that sees the publisher launching an all-new line of X-Men comics with more familiar, traditional premises. The initiative follows the fall of Krakoa and the cancellation of the previous line of X-Men comics.

Mystique joins a still-growing lineup of upcoming X-Men series. The flagship X-Men titles of the From the Ashes era are X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, and Exceptional X-Men. Other ongoing titles include team books X-Force and X-Factor, multiple new solo series starring Storm (who is also joining the Avengers), Wolverine, and Phoenix, and NYX, a series about a group of young mutants living in New York City, co-starring Ms. Marvel and the other Wolverine (Laura Kinney). Mystique is the third limited series announced as part of the initiative, following a four-issue Dazzler series and the five-issue Sentinels series announced yesterday. There will also be an X-Men: From the Ashes Infinity Comic exclusive to Marvel Unlimited launching in June.

Mystique #1 goes on sale in October. The X-Men: From the Ashes era kicks off when X-Men #1 goes on sale on July 10th.

Art and Cover by DECLAN SHALVEY
On Sale 10/16
“}]] Declan Shalvey writes and draws a five-issue Mystique series in the X-Men: From the Ashes era.  Read More