The introduction of the MCU X-Men is highly anticipated, and recent updates suggest that their appearance in the next two Avengers movies is likely. The X-Men movie will probably be released in Phase 7 of the MCU, allowing for further buildup and anticipation. However, some X-Men may appear in other capacities before their standalone film in order to build up for it. It is important for the MCU to introduce key X-Men characters like Wolverine or Professor X ahead of time to make it easier for audiences to handle the large group outing in the future. The multiverse focus of the upcoming Avengers movies provides an exciting opportunity for the gradual introduction of the MCU X-Men.

The excitement surrounding the introduction of the MCU iteration of the X-Men has just been supercharged thanks to an update that lends credence to an Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars theory. The anticipation surrounding the arrival of the newest iteration of the X-Men has started to reach fever pitch, even warranting a tongue-in-cheek mention in She-Hulk as Jennifer Walters asks K.E.V.I.N. when they are due as a favor to the fans. Unfortunately, it got no straight answer – but a recent development in the real world has given a pretty big clue, instead.

Now that the Writers Guild of America strikes have ended, it is full steam ahead on developing the MCU X-Men movie – something which was confirmed by Marvel’s recent call-out for writer pitches for its “anticipated X-Men movie.” The decision on who will be picked to write the movie will then be decided “at the top of 2024,” and it is this that gives a clue on when thee X-Men as individuals will start making their appearances. Specifically, it will probably be in the next two Avengers movies.

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X-Men Releasing In Phase 7 Makes Their Appearance in Avengers 5 & 6 More Likely

With development now in its earliest stages, it’s extremely likely that the MCU’s X-Men movie will be a Phase 7 release. Every upcoming Marvel movie release so far includes many anticipated MCU introductions such as Blade and the Fantastic Four, meaning the X-Men can hold off on their grand entrance for another phase. This is a good thing for ensuring the anticipation for their arrival builds – but it doesn’t mean that none of the MCU’s X-Men will appear in other capacities before then. Nor would that make sense.

Deadpool 3 is looking poised to have fun with a roster of Fox’s X-Men, but will likely be used to draw a line under that franchise before moving on with a new cast. With the likes Spider-Man and Black Panther being introduced ahead of their own solo outing, however, it is still extremely possible that the X-Men will be introduced ahead of theirs. Nowhere would this be more appropriate than in Avengers: Secret Wars – and it would be a wise move.

In a sense, the MCU has already been laying the groundwork for the introduction of the X-Men by establishing a number of MCU mutants already. The X-Men specifically, though, comprise a lot of iconic individuals, and introducing them all at once would probably be too much for one solo movie. Instead, establishing someone like Wolverine, Professor X, or Magneto ahead of time will help make the group outing easier to manage. Although it is still possible that an X-Man or two might appear before the new Avengers movie, the multiverse focus of each seems to set them both up to be the place that the MCU X-Men will start to be drip-fed to the audience, which is an incredibly exciting prospect.

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