Whispers arise, rumors circulate and expectations rise around Monolith Studios, creative minds behind Shadow of Mordor and their new project, a Wonder Woman game, which has not even been released and yet has already guaranteed the developer the right to new titles of DC video games, according to rumors. Both the superhero fan community and the gaming community love to hear and put their hopes on rumors that don’t have much basis and that’s what we’re going to do now. Not much is known about Wonder Woman‘s status yet, but Monolith has already proven itself by delivering immersive action-packed games that can make a difference with DC’s catalog of characters at hand.

Other DC Video Games could be on the way from Monolith Studios

During The Game Awards 2021, Monolith Studios, the developer behind the well-received Shadow of Mordor and its successor, Shadow of War, announced that it was developing an open-world Wonder Woman game. While fans have been excited, nothing too substantive has been revealed since then, other than that it will use the Nemesis System created by Monolith that allows players to influence the game’s narrative in unique ways. Enemies evolve and develop based on your actions, meaning even the weakest can rise through the enemy ranks and become, well, your nemesis.

Now, a new job listing has raised the hype from the tomb by soliciting candidates with knowledge of the DC Universe, possibly for future projects. As such, anyone can piece together the clues and claim that Monolith should be producing more DC video games in the future. DC has gone through phases with its games, from the Batman: Arkham saga, through Injustice and even the troubled Suicide Squad: Kills the Justice League. Now, Marvel has joined the fray primarily with Marvel’s Spider-Man as DC undergoes an overall overhaul.

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James Gunn and Peter Safran, current CEOs of DC Studios manage films, series, animations, and games and promised that they would all integrate the same great story. So many can expect the strategy to change and some projects to be affected by this. Whether it’s part of this new interconnected universe or an isolated story in its canon, many characters with potential come to fans’ minds when it comes to potential games to be produced.

Monolith, the developer of Wonder Woman is getting new projects

From the more cosmic like Superman and Green Lantern to the urban ones like The Flash and Green Arrow, there are a lot of possibilities that Monolith could explore. In terms of story, it’s hard to go wrong with so much material to draw on, but when it comes to gameplay, care is needed to make the player feel like the character in question.

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Superman could draw from Infamous as Wonder Woman can be inspired by Horizon and God of War, the point is that Monolith can play it safe with classic heroes or bet on teams or unknowns but it has everything to deliver great DC video games. With the demise of Marvel and the rebirth of DC in theaters and the opposite in the gaming world, it’s exciting for comic book fans to see this competitiveness bring ever-better products to us consumers.

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 Whispers arise, rumors circulate and expectations rise around Monolith Studios, creative minds behind Shadow of Mordor and their new project, a Wonder Woman  Read More