Wolverine‘s mutant son has made an epic return as a new Ghost Rider in Hellverine #1. The new story launched this week and is Hellverine’s first ever solo series.

In the first issue, the demonic force known as Bagra-Ghul is seen in the past, with a flashback revealing Wolverine’s days when he was transformed into the deadly killing machine known as Hellverine. Elsewhere in present-day Virginia and the DC area, a new Hellverine has risen, and a science lab devoted to the arsenal of Hell sees the rise of the all-new Hellfire Warriors. In the short time since the new variant has come into play, he has ridden around on Ghost Rider‘s motorcycle and went on a murderous rampage, killing an exploitative priest, serial killers and even a dinner party of cannibals to turn them into shrines for Mephisto. The issue ends on a cliffhanger, with Wolverine recognizing the new Hellverine as his son through his tattoos. Hellverine #1 is available now from Marvel Comics.


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On sale May 29

The new Hellverine series is written by Benjamin Percy and features art by Julius Ohta. How Bagra-ghul got hold of Akihiro’s body and was able to resurrect it into Hellverine remains to be seen in the issues to come.

Daken, Wolverine’s son who was born Akihiro, was created by Daniel Way and artist Steve Dillion. The character first appeared in Wolverine: Origins back in 2007. Daken was raised by the villain Romulus as a ruthless killer and made to hate Wolverine for abandoning him. Daken has the healing factor and retractable claw powers of his father, while also being shown as being able to manipulate pheromones.


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Since his first appearance, Daken has gone on to bear the title of Wolverine in Dark Avengers (2009), the Horseman of Death in Uncanny Avengers (2013) and Fang in Marauders (2022). Now, his adventures appear to be turning him into Hellverine, with the new series undoubtedly ready to explore his ties to his father like never before.

Hellverine #1 is available now from Marvel Comics.

Source: Marvel

“}]] Marvel’s new Hellverine series is here and the debut issue sees the return of Wolverine’s troubled son in a surprising new role.  Read More