One of the few mutants still walking around New York City, Wolverine is hoping to take Orchis down once and for all. To do that, however, he’ll need a little help; help that will arrive in the form of Captain America. In a new preview released by Marvel, Wolverine #8—due out this coming New Comic Book Day—will show the eponymous mutant team-up with Steve Rogers as the two hope to squash the anti-mutant conglomerate.

In the preview from the House of Ideas, the two meet up at the bar and Wolverine explains how he’s managed to avoid capture by Orchis so far.

(Photo: Marvel Comics / Benjamin Percy / Juan Jose Ryp / Frank D’Armata)

The issue is the second in the Last Mutant Standing story arc, one that leads directly into the highly anticipated Sabretooth War arc starting in January.

“It’s a war decades in the making and it kicks off when Sabretooth revives a deadly tradition — with some of Logan’s loved ones in the crossfire. Only this time, he has an entire army behind him,” Marvel previously said of Sabretooth War. “Get ready for the showdown to end all showdowns: Wolverine vs. Sabretooth! It’s been years since these heavy hitters have crossed paths in the Marvel Universe, but as Krakoa falls, so rises Sabretooth — and he’s out for revenge!  They threw Victor Creed in the Pit, but he’s free and, wielding an army of Sabretooths, will prove once and for all why he is Logan’s ultimate nemesis.”

(Photo: Marvel Comics / Benjamin Percy / Juan Jose Ryp / Frank D’Armata)(Photo: Marvel Comics / Benjamin Percy / Juan Jose Ryp / Frank D’Armata)

The full synopsis for Marvel’s Wolverine #38 can be found below.

Wolverine #38

“REUNITED—CAPTAIN AMERICA AND WOLVERINE! You know those old friends, the ones that go way, way back who you can always rely on? That’s STEVE ROGERS to LOGAN, whose friendship goes back to WORLD WAR II! It only stands to reason that as WOLVERINE faces the fallout from FALL OF X, that CAPTAIN AMERICA has his six! But as ORCHIS rises and LEGACY HOUSE takes advantage of the situation, who will fall? LAST MUTANT STANDING continues!”

Written by: Benjamin PercyArt by: Juan Jose Ryp, Frank D’ArmataCover by: Leinil Francis Yu, Romulo Fajardo Jr.Page Count: 28 PagesRelease Date: October 11, 2023

Wolverine #38 is due out at your local comic shop on Wednesday, October 11th.

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