The end of the WGA strike clears the way for movies like Deadpool 3 to resume production, pending an agreement with SAG-AFTRA. While the WGA strike didn’t directly halt Deadpool 3, it did impose restrictions on ad-libbing during filming. Deadpool 3 aims to satisfy fans by delivering the violent and vulgar content that the franchise is known for, diverging from the family-friendly approach of other MCU movies.

The ending of the WGA strike has removed one of the roadblocks stalling a number of Hollywood movies right now. One of those movies is Deadpool 3, which now just needs the SAG-AFTRA to come to a strike-ending agreement for Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman to get back into character for the highly anticipated Marvel movie. While we wait of more from the production, fans have been taking matters into their own hands, creating some amazing pieces of art shows what could happen the MCU film.

Deadpool 3 was not technically halted by the WAG strike, as the script was completed before that strike came into effect, but had to succumb to the subsequent actor’s strike which is still ongoing. However, any filming completed while the WAG strike was in place had to stick exactly to the script, meaning that Ryan Reynolds could not do any kind of ad-libbing while shooting. When Deadpool 3 does get cameras rolling again, a least Reynolds will have free rein once more.

In the meantime, a piece of art share on Instagram by @ultraraw26 has given a taste of the kind of bloody mayhem that fans will finally get to see when Deadpool and Wolverine meet for the first time in the MCU. While this is not the kind of PG-13 stuff we have become accustomed to in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is exactly what Deadpool 3 needs to deliver in order to satisfy fans of the franchise, and one thing that everyone involved seems to have agreed on, is that the movie will certainly not be holding back on its R-rating. You can see the piece of art below:

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From the inception of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the intention always seemed to be to keep things on a family-friendly level. While there are times the franchise has pushed the PG-13 rating to its limits with some of its more brutal moments, there has never been a hint of the franchise considering turning itself into a mature product of the comic books that came before it.

Similar to how Jim Carrey’s 1993 movie The Mask took its inspiration from an ultra-violent graphic novel and turned it into something for adults and children alike, the MCU has sanitized many of its storylines to fit the grand plan. Deadpool, however, does not play by the same rules, and that is exactly what the Marvel franchise needs.

The Deadpool franchise may have slipped into the PG-13 domain with Once Upon a Deadpool – a cleaned up version of Deadpool 2 that was released in 2018 – but this is more of an easy money-grab than the way the franchise ever intended to go. Deadpool 3 will return to the familiar violence, vulgarity and very much every other v-word you can think of, and that is exactly why it will continue to be a success when other Marvel offerings have been struggling.

The simple fact of the matter is that many of Marvel characters developed beyond the original Stan Lee and Co. creations, becoming more mature and graphic in nature over the decades. This is something that Warner Bros. has dipped into with their DC movies such as The Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey, and certainly a side of the comic book world that Marvel Studios needs to embrace to bring some of Marvel Comics’ greatest stories and characters to life.

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