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Australian scientists have named a new species of spider after Spider-Man villain Venom and the actor who played him, Tom Hardy.

Naming things in the scientific context is an important part of the process. The naming of a species is essential in identifying and understanding the species, and the name alone can communicate a lot of information to scientists.

That doesn’t mean things have to be boring, though. In fact, several names chosen by scientists are just fun jokes about pop culture, other animals, or even the scientists themselves.

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Comic book characters are fairly common picks for naming inspiration, which shouldn’t be surprising given how many comic book superheroes are modeled after animals. Now, Australian scientists have named a new spider after a popular Marvel anti-hero.

Dubbed Venomius Tomhardyi, the new species of orb-weaver is named after Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis and occasional ally, Venom. In a journal published on the open-access resource Evolutionary Systematics, scientists say the species is “named after the Marvel Comics’ character ‘Venom,’ created by David Michelinie and Todd McFarlane, whose full first appearance was in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man #300’ (published in May 1988), after an alien symbiote bonded with the character Eddie Brock.”

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The species received its name because of black spots across its abdomen. The scientists felt the spots were reminiscent of Venom’s design.

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