Warning: contains spoilers for Ms. Marvel: The First Mutant #1!

The X-Men’s deadliest foes just annihilated one of the MCU’s first villains. This year has been one of the worst in X-Men history, as Orchis, the anti-mutant extremist organization, launched an all-out assault on the mutant homeland of Krakoa, devastating Earth’s mutant population. Orchis is not done, and as revealed in Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant #1, the group has targeted alien races – including one that was an early MCU menace.

Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant #1 – written by Iman Vellani and Sabir Pirzada, drawn by Carlos Gomez and Adam Gorham, colored by Erick Arciniega and lettered by Joe Caramagna – features Kamala Khan, recently resurrected as a mutant, going undercover to infiltrating Orchis, under the pretense of an internship.

Ms. Marvel, in her civilian guise, and Bruno are having lunch in the park when Bruno detects a Chitauri attack. Ms. Marvel leaps into action, but finds all is not what she expected.

The Chitauri Are Fierce, But Orchis Is Far More Dangerous

In Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant #1, Kamala finds a Chitauri attacking an Orchis bus. Able to easily overpower the Chitauri, much to her surprise. Ms. Marvel notices the Chitauri is severely injured, and as she leans into check on him, he begs her to let him die. Ms. Marvel learns Orchis captured this Chitauri, and was experimenting on him. The Chitauri are one of the most feared races in the Marvel Universe, though they did not start there. They were created for the first Avengers film, where they served as Thanos’ shock-troopers, invading Earth in search of the Tesseract. The Chitauri proved popular, and made the leap into the comics.

Orchis Are The X-Men’s Biggest Threat Ever By Far

The Chitauri are feared throughout the universe, regarded as a brutal and violent warrior race – but now Orchis has set their sights on them – for reasons unknown, but surely nefarious. Orchis represents the biggest threat to mutantkind ever. An extremist organization composed of different groups throughout the Marvel Universe, such as AIM, Orchis was founded in response to Earth’s mutants creating their own nation on Krakoa. Orchis has slowly been consolidating their power, including a takeover of Stark Unlimited, which has given birth to the “Stark Sentinel,” a grotesque abomination that mixes the deadly mutant-hunting robots with Iron Man’s technology.

The night of the Hellfire Gala Orchis launched a coordinated attack on Krakoa, killing numerous mutants and permanently altering the lives of the X-Men forever. And now Orchis is gunning for more than just mutants. The Chitauri soldier Ms. Marvel found had been experimented upon, suggesting that Orchis has designs for extraterrestrials as well. If Orchis feels mutants are inferior and a threat, then it stands to reason they feel the same about the Chitauri and other alien races. Recently, readers learned that the group has plans for non-mutant heroes too. Orchis has quickly become one of the X-Men’s deadliest villains – and now they have humbled one of the first MCU villains.

Ms. Marvel: The First Mutant #1 is on sale now from Marvel Comics!

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