‘The Marvels’ May Be Lowest MCU Box Office Opening Weekend

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Now that the actors have fought and won a fair contract, they will try to make up for lost time for upcoming releases, like The Marvels, out this weekend. Brie Larson made a quick stop on The Tonight Show to promote the latest film release in the MCU on opening night. However, the lack of chicken wing interviews and home tours might have put a damper on their opening weekend box office numbers. On Friday, the film was estimated to earn $21.5 million per Deadline, with an overall opening weekend estimate of $47 million-$52 million. It’ll potentially be the lowest opening for any Disney Marvel movie ever. Just this year, Quantumania and Guardians 3 both earned over $100 million each for their openings; however, both had support from promotion from their stars and slightly more positive reviews from critics. Maybe The Marvels can make up for a low opening weekend through the rest of its time in the theaters, similar to Elemental, for a more paws-itive theatrical run.

The Marvels’Opening Weekend Isn’t Feline Great

Things you buy through our links may earn Vox Media a commission.

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 It might become the lowest opening weekend box office for a Disney Marvel film.  Read More