The lack of IMAX screenings for The Marvels may hinder its chances of reaching $1 billion at the box office, as Dune: Part Two currently has a long IMAX run scheduled. The underperformance of some recent Hollywood blockbusters raises doubts about the box office success of The Marvels in a potentially competitive fall season. While reaching $1 billion would be a significant milestone, The Marvels doesn’t necessarily need to hit that number to be considered successful, as previous Marvel films have achieved commercial success without reaching that benchmark. The film’s unique marketing and being one of Marvel Studios’ few female-led superhero movies may help it stand out.

The possibility of The Marvels reaching $1 billion dollars like Captain Marvel may not be as easy as the film runs into an IMAX problem. MCU Phase 5’s 2023 projects are almost done for the year, as Marvel Studios only has a few projects left to release on Disney+ and in theaters. On the film side of things for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Marvels will wrap up 2023 as Brie Larson returns in the role of Carol Danvers, alongside Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau, and Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan, as the three heroes team up in the highly anticipated Captain Marvel sequel.

As box office projections have yet to start coming in, the question of whether or not The Marvels will be able to hit $1 billion dollars at the box office to match Captain Marvel is put into question due to IMAX screenings, or the lack of in this case. In a new report from Variety, a recent IMAX earnings call had Richard Gelfond, the Chief Executive Officer, talk about how Dune: Part Two, is going to have a long IMAX run, which would prevent The Marvels from having access. However, Glefond stressed that if Dune: Part Two ends up moving its release date, The Marvels will be taking its IMAX slot, saying the following:

Right. Dune, specifically, I mean, there’s another great movie coming out around [that] time, which is The Marvels from Marvel, and we can’t play it because we are committed to Dune. So, Dune moves will just go over to The Marvels, and having a Marvel movie as a backup is not the worst position to be in the world.

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Will The Marvels Be Able To Be Captain Marvel’s Box Office Success?

Regardless of The Marvels getting its IMAX screenings or not, it is still worth asking whether or not the Captain Marvel sequel will be able to reach the same box office success. 2023 has shown that the theatrical business is in a weird state of flux, as several Hollywood blockbusters have not been performing as projected. If this goes into the fall season for movies, The Marvels could very well be facing the same problem, thus preventing it from making $1 billion dollars.

It is also key to remember that when Captain Marvel came out, it was in between Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, which was when the MCU was in the final stages of The Infinity Saga. With that said, Marvel Studios has had several films that haven’t reached $1 billion dollars and have still been successful. Since Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 ($844 million dollars) was considered a commercial win, The Marvels doesn’t need to hit the billion magic number.

Based on The Marvels trailers and marketing alone, this will be a different MCU film, which will hopefully encourage audiences to come to theaters when the film is released. With The Marvels also being one of Marvel Studios’ few female-led superhero movies, it will definitely have ways to stand out among other MCU projects. Even so, whether The Marvels can find top-tier box office success again is hard to predict.

Source: Variety

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