The Marvels may have a better chance of hitting the $1 billion mark at the box office with the delay of Dune – Part Two, which gives them access to IMAX screenings. Marvel Studios is still planning to release The Marvels in November 2023, despite ongoing strikes, and has even released a new trailer for the film. While reaching $1 billion globally is not essential for Marvel Studios, the chances of The Marvels achieving commercial success have increased due to the change in release schedule and the opportunity to have IMAX screenings.

The Marvels may have a bigger chance at making $1 billion dollars at the worldwide box office following a new release schedule update. As 2023 gets closer to its end, Marvel Studios has one remaining Marvel Cinematic Universe film to release when it comes to their Phase 5 slate: The Marvels. Featuring Brie Larson once again as Carol Danvers, the Captain Marvel sequel will also see Iman Vellani and Teyonah Parris reprise the roles of Ms. Marvel and Monica Rambeau, respectively, in the highly anticipated team-up adventure.

While the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strikes are still happening, The Marvels is still set to release on its current date this November. However, one movie that is being delayed is Dune – Part Two, which was originally slated to come out the same month as The Marvels. With this latest Hollywood delay for the Dune sequel, the chances for The Marvels to reach the $1 billion dollars goal at the worldwide box office seems a bit more doable.

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The possibility of The Marvels getting pushed back till 2024 still exists if the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes continue further into the fall. However, for the time being, Marvel Studios has shown no signs of wanting to delay their final 2023 movie in Phase 5, especially as they recently released a new The Marvels trailer. Given the fact that Dune – Part Two is moving away from its November 2023 release date, the IMAX factor makes this a big deal for The Marvels.

In late July, Richard Gelfond, the Chief Executive Officer at IMAX, had stressed that they wouldn’t be able to play The Marvels in IMAX due to them already committing to Dune – Part Two. However, Gelfond stated that if Dune – Part Two got delayed, they “will just go over to The Marvels and having a Marvel movie as a backup is not the worst position to be in the world.” Having IMAX screenings will help The Marvels at the box office, as the format continues to be one of the most favored viewing experiences, especially with the MCU crowd.

Time will tell how The Marvels performs worldwide, especially in light of 2023 having been a difficult year for some major Hollywood blockbuster movies. Needless to say, The Marvels not reaching $1 billion dollars globally isn’t a deal-breaker for Marvel Studios, as long as it just manages to be considered a commercial success. Nevertheless, the chances for The Marvels have definitely gone up due to Dune – Part Two being rescheduled for 2024, thus giving up its IMAX slot, which will make its release in November an interesting one to follow for Marvel Studios.

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