In another universe, Wyatt Russell could have taken on roles like Castor or Pollux in “The Hunger Games,” but his career in this one hasn’t been so bad. A few years after that film series concluded, Russell lent his talent to critically acclaimed fare such as the true crime miniseries, “Under the Banner of Heaven.” Marvel fans, however, will recognize him as the successor to Steve Rogers’ (Chris Evans) Captain America. Russell appears in the six-episode run of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” as the villainous John Walker. Despite Steve’s desire for Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) to take up the mantle, the government gives it to Walker, who is less than worthy of the title.

This won’t be the last time fans see the character, however. After Walker’s abject failure, he will return as U.S. Agent in the antihero-fronted film “Thunderbolts.” Also set to feature Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova and the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan), “Thunderbolts” is designed to team up some of the more morally complex characters in the MCU. The line-up of “Thunderbolts” has been met with some criticism, but John Walker is a strong addition to the team. After the crimes he committed in his first MCU appearance, Russell’s character will have the opportunity to redeem himself as well as show what the actor is capable of.

 When the first “Hunger Games” movies were in development, one actor, who has since become a major MCU player, had to turn down a role in the dystopian series.  Read More