DC Universe may handle secret identities differently than the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in Superman: Legacy and future films. In most DC media, the idea of dual identities for superheroes has been kept, unlike the MCU where hidden identities are minimal. It remains to be seen if the DC Universe will continue the tradition of secret identities or if some characters will choose to reveal their real names. Fans will have to wait and see.

As several DC heroes are joining Superman: Legacy, a new fan trailer for the upcoming film shows one of the famous Marvel Cinematic Universe elements in the DC Universe. The DCEU is finishing its run this year in order for a new DC Universe to come to life from James Gunn and Peter Safran through DC Studios. Superman: Legacy will mark the first proper film in Chapter 1, “Gods and Monsters,” with several other movies and shows in development.

David Corenswet is officially set to star as the next cinematic version of the Man of Steel in Superman: Legacy, but he won’t be the only superhero to be featured in Gunn’s film. The upcoming DC Universe has already tapped multiple heroes for Superman: Legacy, as Gunn gets the new franchise up and running.

To give audience members an idea of what that might look like, Screen Culture recently released a new Superman: Legacy fan trailer. The footage imagines the DC Universe in a similar light to the MCU, where Clark Kent reveals his true identity to the world.

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The Superman: Legacy fan trailer does raise an interesting question as to how the DC Universe will tackle the concept of secret identities. In the MCU, especially since the iconic ending of Iron Man in 2008, the idea of having hidden identities has been minimum, with most of the superheroes of that world not living a dual life. To this point, even during Phases 4 and 5, there are only a handful of MCU heroes who have managed to keep their real identities under wraps.

For Superman: Legacy and the larger DC Universe, it is hard to imagine that Gunn will be taking a similar path to the MCU. In most DC media, whether it be films or TV shows, storytellers have kept the idea of dual identities in tact, and based on what Gunn has said about the DC Universe thus far, it sounds like they will be continuing that trend. With superheroes already established in this continuity, it would only make sense that some of these characters are keeping their secret identities hidden from the world.

Until filming for Superman: Legacy gets underway, time will tell whether or not the DC Universe will keep this difference with the MCU or if they might actually take a similar approach. It wouldn’t be shocking if maybe a few superheroes have chosen to reveal their real names, while the majority still keep up their dual lives. But for now, fans will have to keep speculating what Gunn has in store with Superman: Legacy and the rest of the DC Universe.

Source: Screen Culture/YouTube

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