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(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

There’s a new super-pet in the Marvel Universe, and he’s already taken on an A-list supervillain and won.

We’re talking of course about Stanley the Spider-Goose, the star of a two-page back-up story in August 9’s Amazing Spider-Man #31 (which also carries the Legacy number of Amazing Spider-Man #925) by writer/artist Cale Atkinson.

In the adorably expressive short, Spider-Man finds himself bonding with the unlikely companion of a wild goose as they both chill on a rooftop, enjoying the New York City skyline. Spidey takes selfies with the goose, regales him with stories of his past exploits, and even gives him the somehow totally appropriate name Stanley.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

But danger strikes when Spidey and Stanley’s chill hang spot is busted up by Doctor Octopus, who arrives on the roof to challenge Spider-Man to their usual fisticuffs. However, before Spider-Man can even jump into action, Doc Ock is taken aback by Stanley’s presence.

Stanley – being a true super-pet at heart – leaps into the fight, pecking and harassing the bewildered Doctor Octopus until he fully retreats.

Unfortunately, Stanley takes a quick heel turn, snatching a cookie out of Spidey’s pocket before flying off to newer and bigger adventures, with Spider-Man left in the lurch by his newfound frenemy.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem as though Stanley the Spider-Goose is gonna be sticking around beyond this hilariously charming short story, but Marvel’s super-pets are prominent enough that they’re starring in a new 2023 limited series titled Marvel Unleashed. So maybe there’s a future for Stanley after all.

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